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A staggering 73% of users surveyed by skill and task sharing website CareToShare said they worry about meeting their housing costs in 3 months’ time. In a survey of 1000 users of the website, the following observations were made:

- 73% of users said they were worried about meeting their housing costs in three months’ time(defined as mortgage or rent payments)
- 32% were not sure if they would still have their current job when the furlough scheme ends
- 68% said their greatest fear going forward into the recovery is financial woe whereas for 20% it was their children’s education
- A worrying 76% said they do not think the economy can weather another nationwide lockdown
- 48% of respondents said they are planning on earning income from teaching skills or doing tasks for others during the next six months

Co-Founder and CEO Nicholas Segrue said, “These figures while alarming and even worse than we expected, are still not a...

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