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Online casino comparison site CasinoGuide relaunches with new design, new features, and new content

The new CasinoGuide homepage.

CasinoGuide, one of the oldest and biggest online casino portal sites on the web, is relaunching with a fresh new look and feel.

New features with players in mind
The demands of online casino players are constantly changing, and the last five years in particular have seen some dramatic shifts in player preferences. Which is why the team at and have now made wide-ranging changes in the content, design, and functionality of these two long-standing online casino affiliate sites.

Fully mobile responsive
Anyone working in iGaming should by now be aware that over half of online casino players are now accessing games via their mobile phone. CasinoGuide has therefore put a lot of emphasis on creating a design which is equally as attractive and functional on mobiles and tablets as it is on desktop screens. This was a long overdue change but will greatly improve the user experience for site visitors on mobile browsers.

Free to play casino games
It’s important to provide value to new players in more ways than simply listing online casinos. Google themselves even said so back in 2014. CasinoGuide has recognised that requirement and provided for it, most notably with a growing library of free casino games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and of course various popular Slots titles. Importantly, most of these can be enjoyed on mobile, simply by tilting the device to landscape mode – as demonstrated in this video.

Unified look
Previously, the two sites were on completely different designs with different features and looked nothing alike. Now, CasinoGuide is able to present the same great user experience to players in all English-speaking countries, having unified the design across both websites.

“A website worthy of its name”
Project Manager Alex Tester made the following statement:
“We are delighted that with this relaunch of and, we are ready to once again be counted among the most comprehensive and informative online casino portals in the world.

With a brand like CasinoGuide, the pressure is always on to deliver a website worthy of that name. And thanks to the hard work of the designers, developers, and content managers who have contributed to this relaunch, I believe we have created a complete user experience truly befitting our brand.”

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