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Those who work with and at close proximity to diesel engines, especially truckers, are at a higher risk of cancer according to a recent US study (1).This is on top of the elevated risk of 'heart disease and stroke, possibly resulting from enhanced coagulation and arterial thrombosis' such exposure gives(2). The good news is that a British company has developed a fuel technology that is seen to reduce ultra fine particulate emissions by as much as 45% (3). Additone from ChemEcol is now available to all fleet operators in the UK.

Truckers endure such grave risks as lung cancers, heart disease and stroke every time they start their engines. But its not just the lorry drivers who are at risk. The American study also saw that those working with the trucks (fork truck drivers, warehousemen, mechanics, and even office clerks) are at elevated risk from these killers.


Diesel exhaust carries particulate matter; this is what colours it a...

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