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Recent research shows a shockingly low awareness and understanding of kidney cancer amongst the Great British general public. The YouGov survey of 2,145 GB adults shows that kidney cancer is the least heard about form of the disease, with only 2% of GB adults having heard much about it when compared to a range of other cancers. Interestingly, over half of GB adults (54%) claim to have heard most about cervical cancer and 42% for leukemia, even though there are fewer cases of these diseases than kidney cancer each year. According to the survey, only half (56%) of GB adults have ever even heard of the term ‘kidney cancer’.

“The results from this survey are concerning. Every day in Britain, around 30 people find out they have kidney cancer”, said Professor Tim Eisen, Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Cambridge. “If caught early, surgeons can remove kidney cancer and cure the...

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