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Chipex unveils concept cars from yesteryear

Concept cars are some of the most important debuts at auto shows because their shape or technology gives you a sneak peek into what you can expect from car companies in the future; but what happens to the beautiful creations when they don’t make it to the showroom? And what would it look like if our favourite cars from yesteryear were in production today?

Using their car care know-how car Solutions company Chipex gives us a glimpse into how classic cars from the ’70s might look if they were revisited and revived as concept cars in 2019. Showing how with some upgrades you can take your car from the past into the future.

Quote from Johnny Graham
"At Chipex, our aim is to help you take care of your car, showing you how a few tweaks here and there can make a difference. Taking this twist on concept cars shows that not everything is lost forever and with some handy upgrades, you can see how cars of yesteryear can become cars of tomorrow."

Individual downloadable images can be found here.
Link to information about the cars can be found here.

Notes for editors

About Chipex
Chipex® was launched in 2009 so as to provide a fast, very effective and safe solution for the home user to repair paint damage to vehicles to a high standard, without the time and expense of going to a body shop.
The main objective was to make a product that gave both a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch-up paints and additionally was easy for the DIY novice to use.
Following its launch, Chipex® has supplied thousands of kits worldwide to both retail and trade customers and is now proud to have received TUV Certification on the products effectiveness and ease of use.

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