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helping the nation save millions on unwanted presents and reintroducing the old adage of 'It's the thought that counts'

New Site Puts the Thought Back Into Gifts

A new online world is now at our fingertips, where thoughts of others come before those for ourselves, and wishes can be granted to make dreams come true – launches in time to make this year’s Christmas shopping a whole new experience.

As shoppers will be looking at how to reduce their Christmas shopping bills the premise of 'it's the thought that counts' has never been more appropriate, as you don't have to spend a lot to make a loved one's Christmas.

My Ruby Slipper enables us to share information about ourselves, to aid friends and family in making more informed gift choices - helping the nation save millions on unwanted presents and reintroducing the old adage of 'It's the thought that counts'.

Intended to be a place where people can really connect with friends and family and start to build these relationships up, the site is to help people really get to know each other and uncover their interests, and true individuality.

With a survey showing 81% of people lose sleep over Christmas shopping, fretting over the perfect gifts for family and friends, and a whopping 58% of people receive gifts that they will never use, female entrepreneur Hilary Robinson believes we don't really know our family and friends as well as we think and has launched a website to help.

Hilary welcomes you into her world of My Ruby Slipper, which not only allows you to gain more insight into the desires and lifestyles of family and friends, but also makes gift shopping easy via personalized wishlists you share with your online community. Shoppers can now turn to and pinpoint exactly what their loved ones are 'into' and avoiding the last minute and impersonal dash for vouchers.

Owner and Director, Hilary explains the concept behind the site. She asks: ”Do you know what your mother’s favorite flowers are? Can you say with certainty what your sister’s shoe size is and whether she has her ears pierced or not? What is your brother’s favorite football team?”

She explains:” We all love opening a present that speaks to us about who we are. " Knowing that someone's thought about who you are, what you love, is what gifts should be about - money can't buy that feeling” "

From forgetting shoe sizes, to guessing ring dimensions, or for those who simply just don't have a clue of where to start with buying gifts, enables friends and family to keep track of those personal details which really make a difference. Far from a materialistic 'I want list', shoppers can catalogue all their personal stats on the site, adding as much or as little information as they like and also tailoring privacy settings per connection.

Wishlists can consist of links to online items, photo uploads or basic descriptions, enabling global users to make any occasion extra special without eliminating the element of surprise and ensuring their gift is a thoughtful token matched to the receiver. Grandparents who live in Canada can go on and see what their grandson wants for his birthday. There's no more having to ask his mum and dad, they will be able to see his wish list to choose for themselves.

Hilary said: “The idea was born out of my own shopping experiences. I always carried with me my Dad’s clothes measurements, but then got to thinking after I’d bought him a shirt for the umpteenth time, ‘wouldn’t it be great if I knew more about my Dad’. We all like to think we know our family and friends but actually I couldn’t tell you my sister’s favourite perfume or band of the moment, or my friends’ preferred choice of weekend getaway.”

“This made me think... wouldn't it be great if you had a catalogue of info for all your loved ones, you could then buy your best friend those heels she'd been eyeing up, or take your sister to her favourite gig”.

“Whilst there are many networking sites which can tell you the behavioural patterns of your connections, I wanted to make a site which was personal to family and friends and connected them in a way where all the important days in a person’s life would be remembered. is there to help people make someone's occasion, or even no occasion, a memorable experience. It’s not all about birthdays, or anniversary’s but imagine being able to turn up to a friend’s house for dinner and take them their favourite flowers or chocolates as a thank you, or arrange something really special for a friend visiting from overseas because you knew what they’d really love to do…it’s this kind of information that makes gifts so much more fun!”

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