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CIPHR challenges staff to walk the length of Britain

Health & Wellbeing Infographic

CIPHR Promotes healthier lifestyle and encourages a fitter workforce.

After almost four months the CIPHR eRace has reached Land’s End as the winning team completes over 900 miles from John O’Groats. Ten teams took part in the virtual walk using team pedometers to measure their weekly steps which were subsequently converted into miles travelled. The initiative was an inspired and fun way of promoting employee engagement, wellbeing and health at CIPHR.

The weekly miles covered were plotted on a route between the two landmarks and an update on team progress was given on a dedicated eRace section of the company intranet and blog. Race news kept teams engaged with the initiative while images from Google Street View showed teams what they would see if they were doing the walk for real.

Barry Chignell, the imagination behind the scheme, comments, “I’m very aware that we spend the majority of our working day sitting behind a desk and I wanted to encourage people to get up and move more. And, it’s important for employees to mingle with other departments so we made it a rule that the teams had to be a mix from across the company. This has helped to create a buzz that has spread across all areas of the business and has forged new friendships.”

Chris Berry, Managing Director of CIPHR, adds, “The eRace is one of a series of initiatives that we will carry out to encourage health and wellbeing at work. This challenge was fun and has been the source of much banter around the office. It was great to see so many members of staff taking part and congratulations to all of those who completed the 900 miles. We look forward to the next challenge.”

The overall benefits of the initiative have been:
• Increased interaction on a social level between employees from different departments
• A rise in physical activity levels of employees
• Greater sense of wellbeing from those taking part as a result of increased exercise


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