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Forget extreme sports like skydiving and potholing, Britons are turning innocent pastimes such as country dancing and video gaming into hazardous hobbies due to ignorance about hand cleanliness.

Research compiled by Dr Lisa Ackerley, out today reveals the hidden germ danger lurking in everything from a girls' shopping trip to a gym workout.

Cooks rustling up a roast dinner and gardeners are at the highest risk of picking up potentially hazardous bugs, according to research by hand hygiene brand Cuticura.

The everyday chore of cooking at home heads the list of hobbies which carry the highest health risk from risky germs. The highly prevalent food poisoning bug Campylobacter can be caught from raw chicken on unwashed hands, chopping boards and knives and is responsible for nearly 300,000 food borne illnesses each year.

The nation's 20 million green-fingered gardeners could be left 'germ-fingered' if hit by the toxocarosis bug...

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