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Nationwide study reveals top 10 new year’s resolutions for 2010

With 2010 underway, the latest findings from a nationwide study by CitySocialising, which polled over 4000 of its members from cities across the UK, about their new year’s resolutions, have revealed that 73% of people will be making at least one resolution this January, 17% of them for the first time ever.

The drive to make resolutions this year, across the UK, however, is being led by women with 77% of them resolving to make a change in 2010 compared to just 67% of men. And Bristolians appeared to be least likely to be making resolutions this year (69%) compared to Londoners (74%).

When asked what resolutions they were going to be making for 2010, top of the list overall in the UK was to “enjoy life more”, followed by “lose weight/go on a diet”, which was second on the list for women but only sixth on the list for men, and to “get fit and start exercising”, which appeared as the third and fourth most popular 2010 resolutions respectively for women and men.

The only cities not bucking the trend for “enjoying life more” as most popular resolution for 2010 was in Manchester, where “getting fit” topped the list and Brighton where “finding true love” was the number one resolution for the year.

As a whole, across the UK, the second most popular 2010 resolution of choice for men was found to be “to find true love”, which came only fifth on the list for women. But overall, “finding true love” and “learning something new” beat “saving money” and “paying off debts” in the list of most popular resolutions for 2010, with all of these beating “quitting smoking” and “drinking less” which both appeared at the bottom of the list. (see end of release for full results and Top 10)

Although more women than men were shown to actually make resolutions however, when asked about how long they usually stuck to them, it appears that men have more resolve as 20% claimed they kept theirs for a year or more compared to just 15% of women, most of whom (29%) admitted sticking to their resolutions for an average of just 3 months.

Londoners came out top for greatest resolve with 20% stating they usually stuck to resolutions for over a year, compared to 15% of those questioned in Manchester and 13% in both Brighton and Bristol.

Sanchita Saha, CEO & founder of CitySocialising said:

“It’s surprising that after such a tough economic year, “saving money” and “paying off debts” didn’t come higher on people’s list of resolutions. However, it’s great news that simply enjoying life more is the number one resolution, as having fun and making the most of things is what life is all about, regardless of how much you weigh or how much money you have. What is interesting is that in Manchester, people will be taking their fitness more seriously than the rest of the UK, and that finding true love in 2010 is going to be more important to Brightonians than the rest of the UK.”


For full results of the poll by city (London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Rest of UK) more information on CitySocialising, All New You month or interviews with Sanchita Saha, contact CitySocialising’s Press department on 020 7940 9910 or email:

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CitySocialising’s national “All New You” month will see a national series of events across all major cities in the UK & Scotland, dedicated to helping people to stick to their resolutions including “Getting fit”, “Learning a new language”, “Learning to Salsa”, “Meeting new people” and more.


Survey results: 4145 professionals aged 21 – 45 took part in the survey (2404 women; 1741 men)

Q1. Will you be making any new year resolutions this year?
Yes: 3021 (73%)
No: 1124 (27%)
Women (2404): 77% Yes (1851); 23% No (553)
Men (1741): 67% Yes (1166); 33% No (575)
London (1325): 74% Yes (981); 26% No (344)
Brighton (530): 70% Yes (371); 30% No (159)
Bristol (640): 69% Yes (442); 31% No (198)
Manchester (550): 73% Yes (401); 27% No (149)

Q2. How long do you tend to stick to your resolutions?

All: total 4145 people
Less than a week 248 (6%)
Between 2 weeks and a month 703 (17%)
3 months 952 (23%)
6 months 373 (9%)
More than a year 745 (18%)
Not making any 1124 (27%)
Women: total 2404 women
Less than a week 120 (5%)
Between 2 weeks and a month 433 (18%)
3 months 697 (29%)
6 months 240 (10%)
More than a year 361 (15%)
Not making any 553 (23%)

Men: total 1741 men
Less than a week 70 (4%)
Between 2 weeks and a month 278 (16%)
3 months 331 (19%)
6 months 139 (8%)
More than a year 348 (20%)
Not making any 575 (33%)

Q3. What new year resolutions (can choose up to 3) will you be making in 2010?

All: total 4145 people (choosing up to 3 each)
1. Enjoy life more (34.4%)
2. Lose weight / go on a diet (24.4%)
3. Get fit / start exercising (22.3%)
4. Learn something new (22.2%)
5. Find true love (21.6%)
6. Get a better job (18.7%)
7. Save money (18%)
8. Pay off my debts (16.2%)
9. Take a trip (13.6%)
10. Reduce stress (10.6%)
11. Spend more time with family and friends (10.5%)
12. Quit smoking (5.6%)
13. Drink less (5.3%)

Women: total 2404 women (choosing up to 3 each)
1. Enjoy life more (34%)
2. Lose weight / go on a diet (29%)
3. Get fit / start exercising (24%)
4. Learn something new (23%)
5. Find true love (20%) joint
5. Save money (20%) joint
6. Get a better job (19%)
7. Pay off my debts (17%)
8. Take a trip (13%)
9. Spend more time with family and friends (11%)
10. Reduce stress (10%)
11. Quit smoking (5%)
12. Drink less (5%)

Men: total 1741 men (choosing up to 3 each)
1. Enjoy life more (33%)
2. Find true love (23%)
3. Learn something new (21%)
4. Get fit / start exercising (19%)
5. Get a better job (17%)
6. Lose weight / go on a diet (16%)
7. Save money (15%)
8. Pay off my debts (15%)
9. Take a trip (14%)
10. Reduce stress (12%)
11. Spend more time with family and friends (9%)
12. Quit smoking (6%)
13. Drink less (6%)