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Leading socialising network launch “All New You” month to help UK stick to their new year’s resolutions in 2010

Following the latest findings from a nationwide new year’s resolutions study, the UK’s leading socialising network, CitySocialising, have announced the launch of their national ‘All New You’ month, dedicated towards supporting and encouraging people to make and stick to their resolutions in 2010.

The survey, questioning over 4000 CitySocialising members from cities across the UK & Scotland, revealed that 73% of people would be making new year resolutions this January, with the four most popular resolutions overall being to:

1. Enjoy life more
2. Lose weight / go on a diet
3. Get fit / start exercising
4. Learn something new

The survey also revealed that 46% of people who make resolutions tended to stick to them for just 3 months or less and only 18% for a year or longer.

In response to the survey results, CitySocialising’s All New You month will see a series of activities and ‘Socials’, coordinated and hosted simultaneously in 16 cities across the UK & Scotland throughout January 2010, inviting those who are keen to “Be more active”, “Learn a new language, “Learn to dance” and “Meet new people” to stick to these resolutions and find new groups of friends in their city to stick to them with.

In addition, all users will be encouraged to organise their own Socials throughout January, based on their own specific new year’s resolutions, and list them on the site, to find like minded others to join with them and enjoy achieving and sticking to the resolution together.

A new year challenge, to go out and attend at least four Socials in January, will run in conjunction with CitySocialising’s All New You month, for the opportunity to win prizes including hundreds of pounds of vouchers to spend on a new wardrobe, annual premium membership to CitySocialising, worth over £150, and more.

In response to the UK’s most popular 2010 new year’s resolution to “enjoy life more”, the month will culminate in a national series of ‘Break Your Resolutions’ events and parties which will see people coming together for a fun night of drinks and socialising together and an opportunity to relax, have fun and meet new friends in their city.

Sanchita Saha, CEO & founder of CitySocialising said:

“January is always a fantastic month for us with major increase in new members joining and both online and offline activity. This year wanted to delve deeper into what people wanted to achieve in 2010 and developed the idea for All New You month around the results. With only 18% of us who make resolutions keeping them for a year or more, we know it’s much easier to stick to something, and enjoy doing so, when you have a like minded group of people or friends around you to share the experience with. With a group, you’re not just accountable to yourself but to others too so you’re much more likely to stick to it for longer. Ultimately, life is all about enjoying yourself and, as this is the most popular resolution in the UK for 2010, we thought it would be great to treat everyone to a party at the end of January to have fun together and celebrate life in their city.”


For full results of CitySocialising’s New Year’s Resolution poll by whole UK, gender and by city (London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Rest of UK) more information on CitySocialising, All New You month or interviews with Sanchita Saha, contact CitySocialising’s Press department on 020 7940 9910 or email:

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