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UK's Socialising CEO forced to miss own Madrid airport "Ash Attack" bash for Brits as planes start moving again

Along with thousands of others, CEO of the UK’s leading Socialising network,-CitySocialising, Sanchita Saha has spent the last 3 days stranded in Madrid airport due to the Volcanic air chaos. Sanchita, who went away for a weekend break, decided that while trapped abroad she may as well do what she does best and arrange a party to help ease boredom and lift the spirits of her fellow Brits trapped abroad.

The help of friends and colleagues back in England was enrolled to make the party a possibility and even British DJ and artist Mr Scruff was called in to design exclusive “Ash Attack” T-shirts. A two day mad dash to get the party organised ensued which involved pleading with Airport staff to host the party and running all over Madrid to find t-shirt printers and entertainers for the kids – not made any easier by siestas!

After several bumps in the road and just as the final plans were underway for the big event, to the relief of thousands it was announced the UK airspace had been reopened and passengers were starting to board the planes! Not everyone was happy though, unfortunately for Sanchita this would mean missing the party she had worked so hard to organise.

Sanchita said: “When we got the news that we were being sent back home I was in two minds, obviously I was really happy that we were all able to return to our families and British soil but my heart was breaking I would miss the big event I had been running all over Madrid trying to arrange. I’d already declined a coach home in order to stay and get things organised’

I was decided that despite Sanchitas absence the party would go ahead as the backlog of flights meant that some Brits may still be stuck abroad for days to come. CitySocialising is the website that encourages individuals to get out and meet new people so it seemed the natural fit that they would arrange for Brits trapped in Madrid airport to meet up and socialise through the night and tomorrow. Any Brits who send in photos of themselves at the airport also have the chance to win one of the exclusive “Ash Attack” T-shirts designed by Mr Scruff!

The event is being promoted through Facebook and anyone who would like more information about where to meet and how to win exclusive prizes can visit


Notes to the Editor:

The meeting point for stranded brits is at ARS cafe in Terminal 1, through the night and tomorrow every hour on the half hour
Anyone who wants to be in with a chance of winning an exclusive Mr Scruff “Ash Attack” T-shirt should send in photos of themselves at Madrid airport to

For more information contact:


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