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Clegg Has The Churchill Factor

Nick Clegg and Winston Churchill are the politicians people would most like to take on a night out with their friends – a new survey has revealed.

The survey by CitySocialising, the UK’s leading socialising network for outgoing professionals, gave members the choice of the current political leaders alongside former greats Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Paddy Ashdown and John Major.

Maggie Thatcher came third with Gordon Brown just two per cent behind her in fourth place. David Cameron was fifth in the survey – proving a less popular choice than either of his current Number Ten rivals.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, BNP leader Nick Griffin and Paddy Ashdown trailed in the bottom half of the survey, along with former Tory PM John Major and UKIP boss Nigel Farage who were joint last choice for a night out.

Sanchita Saha from CitySocialising, says, “We polled our members in the wake of the leaders debates so it’s hardly surprising that Nick Clegg came out top. However we were surprised he was on a par with Winston Churchill. It will be interesting to see if he maintains this new found status during the final week of the election campaign.

“Our members, mainly young professionals, felt Nick Clegg would be a good bloke to have a pint and a laugh with in the pub and over a meal with mates. They said he came across as personable, genuine and someone who would do the PM’s job to the best of his ability should he get into Number 10.

“Whilst they were in no doubt Gordon Brown could do the job, our members felt he was too serious and wouldn't let his hair down on a night out.

“As for David Cameron, members saw his cycling habits as a bit of a turn off and thought he’d always be late for meeting up. However, they did see him as likeable and adaptable in a situation where he would meet new people.”

“When it came to politicians from the past, Winston Churchill was always going to come out top. Members were keen to quiz him and would enjoy the honour of meeting such a legend.

“We were slightly surprised when Margaret Thatcher came out ahead of Tony Blair although members said they were keen to hear her side of events in the 80’s and re-live the decade made famous by shoulder pads and Wham.

“And as for John Major and Nigel Farage, we can only assume members thought they would be a little on the dull side”


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