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Why when it comes to meeting new people more isn't less

Mass Mingling has come to the UK and if you’re not already doing it, CitySocialising the UK’s first events-based Social Networking website dedicated to 25 – 40 year old ‘urbanites’ will soon have you caught up. It’s the new trend for the concluding part of 2010 and it’s going to be huge (literally).

The term is pretty self explanatory, the idea behind Mass Mingling is to bring lots of new faces together under one roof and with the Social Media boom we’ve seen over the last couple of years shifting online and offline networking into new indistinguishable territory, these events are the perfect place to meet new people or find friends you have previously engaged with online.

All the old clichés about the internet confining people to the indoors, are out the window and according to trend watching experts* 2010 will be known as the year Social Media drove people to meet up in person en masse.

CitySocialising as the UK pioneers of events based social networking, are one of the first sites to embrace the Mass Mingling trend and already have the first of their events planned in London next week. In honour of the huge guest list expected to be filled for the event they’re christening it the Monster Mingle and all the in-the-know CitySocialisers are invited and can even bring a friend. Anyone wanting to attend the event needs to visit CitySocialising and register for free.

Sanchita Saha founder and CEO of CitySocialising commented:

"Nurturing relationships from online acquaintances, to offline ‘real world’ friendships is what is at the core of the CitySocialising business model, and to hold these Socials on such a large scale is really exciting for us, we’re encouraging our members to bring their friends along and join the fun in our trademark laid-back style, and meet likeminded people who just want to get away from the computer and make new friends with similar interests"

2010 has seen more people than ever living large parts of their lives online doing everything from buying their weekly shop, booking holidays, and even finding love. And even though more and more people are turning to their computers to organise large parts of their lives, through these types or events the internet is also bringing people together in a way it’s never been able to before.

Sanchita went on to say:

"Our first Monster Mingle is going to take place in London but we intend to roll them out across each of our 49 cities spanning the UK, as we know from our members feedback there is a huge demand for this type of event. We suspect it won’t be long until all the mainstream networking sites will catch onto the new trend and start hosting their own Socials where members can meet up with their online friends in person. I think in order for some of the big name companies to stay ahead of the game they are going to have to follow in our footsteps as consumers change the way they use the internet. As a natural progression of the Social Media movement, it just makes sense. “


About CitySocialising

CitySocialising is the UK’s leading Socialising Network and community for young professionals to meet people and find new friends with shared interests both online and offline through group social events and activities. Pioneering the convergence of virtual and real world networking, CitySocialising originated in London, and now spans 49 cities across the UK & Scotland with over 90,000 members.

The Monster Mingle Event.

CitySocialising’s Monster Mingle will take place on Thursday 2nd September at Sway, Covent Garden.

Journalists are invited to attend this event. For more information and Case Studies contact:

Directions to Sway: