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CitySocialising’s first Monster Mingle paves the way to take Social Networking offline

Last night CitySocialising the UK's leading Socialising Network that bridges the gap between online and offline networking pioneered the next move for online Social Networks in the UK by launching their first Monster Mingle event in London.

Over 500 Londoners turned up for the highly anticipated event looking to meet people and find new friends in the city. The past month has seen Trendwatchers* predict the emergence of Mass Mingling which involves people turning to the internet to organise large “get-togethers” in the real world.

The event which took place at Sway bar, Holborn was open to CitySocialising members and their friends and from the moment the doors opened at seven, Londoners piled in, in their hundreds excited at the prospect of so many new faces. It was a laid back vibe in the venue with lots of introductions and common ground being shared amongst the young urban crowd. The majority of guests arrived alone, leaving with lots of new connections, and a friendly team of Citysocialising hosts were on hand to ensure everyone was having a good time and mingling with each other.

Jenny a member of CitySocialising and one of last night’s attendees said:

“I’ve had a fantastic night, I can’t believe how many people there are here who have come along to meet new people and socialise. I came along on my own but I’ve already made some great friends. I’ve been a member of CitySocialising for a few months and have had some fantastic nights out, doing everything from clubbing to mixed football, but I have to say this is one of the best nights - where else would you get the opportunity to meet so many likeminded people under one roof who just want to get out and enjoy what London has on offer?”

The new Monster Mingle Socials which are set to be rolled out across the UK will take place once a month and embody what CitySocialising is all about - taking online networking and using it create an active offline community.

These Socials are aimed at all city dwellers who want the opportunity to meet lots of new faces in a relaxed chilled out atmosphere, but those with more specific interests can also log onto CitySocialising and join up to a variety of interest groups and socials that range from knitting, clubbing, country walks and everything in between.

Sanchita Saha CEO and founder of CitySocialising commented:

“The night has been a great success we knew there was a need for this type of social but we really didn’t anticipate just how popular this event was going to be. The majority of our socials can have anything from around 10 to 100 members booked on, with the exception of our parties, but we’ve never done anything on this scale before and it just goes to show how many people out there are looking to connect with likeminded individuals in the real world”


* July 2009

About CitySocialising:

CitySocialising is the UK’s leading Socialising Network and community for young professionals to meet people and find new friends with shared interests both online and offline through group social events and activities. Pioneering the convergence of virtual and real world networking, CitySocialising originated in London, and now spans 49 cities across the UK & Scotland with over 90,000 members.

The Monster Mingle Event.

CitySocialising’s next Monster Mingle will take place on 14th October.

Journalists are invited to attend this event. For more information and Case Studies contact: