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Citysocialising poll names Oasis and The Police as the bands we most want to see reformed by 2011

Those of you feeling a bit depressed at the thought of the clocks going back this week need not despair. It’s not just the dark nights and cold days that are marked by this annual occurrence. In general, the run up to Christmas is the season for gigs and concerts, so brave the cold as there isn’t a better time of the year to get down to your local venue to watch some great talent in action and meet new people.

CitySocialising the UK’s leading Socialising Network that bridges the gap between online and offline networking traditionally sees a large increase in their music and gig related socials around this time of year as lots of bands are doing the rounds and lots of members are keen to find friends they can bond with over a shared love of their favorite artist.

Unfortunately there are a few bands we definitely won’t be seeing on tour this year whether that be due to brotherly bust ups, clashing egos or international solo success. CitySocialising polled their members to find out which of these bands will most be missed from the music circuit and named the top ten bands that the UK most want to see reformed before 2011.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Gallagher Brothers topped the polls with 27% of the vote closely followed by The Police (24%), then Blur (22%). Other bands that fans wanted back on stage included The Smiths, The Stone Roses and even Girls Aloud made the top 10. The full top 10 as follows:

1. Oasis
2. The Police
3. Blur
4. The Verve
5. The Jam
6. The Smiths
7. The Stone Roses
8. The Clash
9. Girls Aloud
10. Spice Girls

Sanchita Saha CEO and founder of CitySocialising commented:

“There’s nothing like the mutual love of a band or artist to bond people. Whether at a festival or a gig, everyone’s experienced that moment when you find you share a love of a certain song and in an instant this common ground completely takes over the mood, breaks down any barriers and the conversation just flows from there.

Around this time of year the number of gig based Socials organised by members increases significantly on CitySocialising as people turn to indoor activities to avoid the cold weather. Gigs are also a great place to find friends as there are lots of new faces all gathered in one room to have a good time, united by same taste in music and more likely therefore to connect and bond.”

For a full list of upcoming Socials and to register for free visit CitySocialising and find some outgoing likeminded friends to share your taste in music, whether that be Opera or Oasis.


*Over 500 participants completed the survey

About CitySocialising:

CitySocialising is the UK’s leading Socialising Network and community for young professionals to meet people and find new friends with shared interests both online and offline through group social events and activities. Pioneering the convergence of virtual and real world networking, CitySocialising originated in London, and now spans 50 cities across the UK & Scotland with over 100,000 members.

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