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Survey reveals which cities and genders showed greatest resolve in 2014

Findings from a nationwide study by local social life app citysocializer, polling over 3400 of its members from cities across the UK, have revealed that Southerners had the greatest resolve last year in sticking to their new year resolutions.

Overall, of the 58% who made a resolution in 2014, 24% were still adhered to them by the end of the year (Dec 2014). Londoners came top with 28% stating they stuck to their resolutions for the full year, followed by 24% in both Bristol and Cardiff, compared to 21% of those questioned in Liverpool and just 18% in Edinburgh and Manchester.

More women (66%) than men (47%) were revealed to have made a new year resolution in 2014, but when it came to perseverance, men came out on top with 28% claiming to have kept theirs for the full year compared to 21% of women, most of whom (59%) admitted sticking to their resolutions for less than 3 months.

This year, only 49% said they would be making a resolution and when asked their top resolution for 2015, top of the list overall in the UK for both men and women was to “save money” (31%) followed closely by “healthier lifestyle” (26%) then “travel more” in third place (17%).

The third most popular 2015 resolution for women however was found to be “learning something new”, which came only fifth on the list for men.
But overall across the UK and genders, “finding true love” and “travelling more” appeared in the Top 5, coming ahead of “spending more time with family”, “being less stressed” and “volunteering”.

The poll was conducted to help the company organize a program of social activities and offers throughout January 2015, dedicated to helping people have fun keeping and sticking to their top 5 resolutions.

Partners on board, offering big discounts as part of the campaign include, AirBnB, Lonely Planet, Hotel Tonight, Uber, YPlan, Zomato and Rosetta Stone.

Zack Davidovich, COO of citysocializer said:
“It’s not surprising given the continued tough economic climate that “saving money” comes top of the list of resolutions this year and that “healthier lifestyle” comes second, after the excesses of Christmas. But it’s inspiring to see that travel and adventure is in store for many in 2015 and that love and learning is also high on the list of priorities.

This poll has helped us tailor an entire month of activities, discounts and offers for our community to keep their new year resolutions this year and we want to thank our major partners for supporting the campaign with some fantastic and exclusive offers.”

Full poll results at end. Details of all January events and partner offers at: For more information on citysocializer contact

About citysocializer
citysocializer is the local, social life app to meet new friends and do more of the things you love with likeminded others going out around you. Across 30 UK cities and New York, where Time Out recommended it as one of the top 20 apps for NYC.

The real world community host group “socials” for each other that range from happy hour drinks, dinner, festivals and jazz clubs to book clubs, park runs and everything in between. Membership is via a monthly or quarterly fee starting from £10.99/€10.99/$10.99 month for unlimited access to events.

The company CitySocialising Ltd. are pioneers of the convergence of virtual and real world social networking in the UK raising $2m from investors including PROfounders Capital with support being led by Michael Birch (Bebo) and Brent Hoberman (

Survey results – 3417 People (2016 Women & 1401 men)

1. Save money (30.5%)
Women 33.1% Men 25.3%
2. Healthier lifestyle (26.1%)
Women 26.8% Men 24.7%
3. Travel more (16.9%)
Women 11.7% Men 27.5%
4. Learn something new (12.8%)
Women 14% Men 10.4%
5. Find love (8.2%)
Women 8.6% Men 7.5%
6. More time with family (2.7%)
Women 3% Men 2%
7. Less Stressed (18%)
Women 1.9% Men 1.8%
8. Volunteer (0.8%)
Women 0.9% Men 0.7%

Made a resolution in 2014
Women 66.5% Men 47%
Still had by Dec 2014
Women 21.4% Men 28.1%
Stuck to less than 9 months
Women 8.4% Men 14.0%
Stuck to less than 6 months
Women 11.3% Men 14.0%
Stuck to less than 3 months
Women 49.6% Men 32.9%
Stuck to less than 1 month
Women 9.4% Men 11.1%


CITY/Made a resolution in 2014/Kept by Dec 2014
London 58.1% 28%
Bristol 64.5% 24.1%
Cardiff 54.4% 23.9%
Edinburgh 59.2% 17.8%
Manchester 59.3% 18%
Liverpool 56.7% 20.9%

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