London 24th Feb - CloudApps today announced it has achieved accreditation from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the world’s leading independent not-for-profit organization collecting key corporate data for action on climate change.

Approval means CloudApps has been selected as an operational partner of CDP and is part of a best-in-class group that strive to support a network of over 3,000 companies across 60 countries, who measure and monitor their greenhouse gas and climate change strategies via the CDP. CloudApps’ new status was confirmed following testing by the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, whose team independently validated the accuracy of the carbon calculation engines embedded in the CloudApps Sustainability Suite.

CDP Chief Partnership Officer, Joanna Lee, commented: “CloudApps performed well amongst the carbon management applications we have tested. CloudApps supports companies’ carbon-reduction goals and we are delighted to recommend its software solution which takes a structured, automated approach to the reduction of carbon emissions.”

CDP, which originated a decade ago to collect corporate climate change data globally in order to accelerate the solutions to climate change, has contributed to the UK’s reputation as a global thought-leader in carbon reduction and its accreditation acts a powerful stamp of approval. It now collects greenhouse gas emissions and climate change data across the portfolios of 551 institutional investors representing $71 trillion of assets as well as on behalf of purchasing organisations and government bodies.

Simon Wheeldon, CEO at CloudApps, said: “Our customers, often in the early stages of their carbon journey, need a trusted solution to reduce their risk of non-compliance. For this reason, from the start, CloudApps has invested heavily in the accuracy of its underlying carbon measurement. In these economic environment making the right strategic decisions on carbon leads to strategic cost savings. So it is gratifying to achieve this recognition from the world’s leading carbon reporting authority. {{Now our customers can be reassured that CloudApps is endorsed by the CDP.}}”


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About CDP

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organisation collecting key climate change data from some 3,000 companies around the globe and has assembled the largest database of corporate greenhouse gas emissions and climate change information in the world.

Founded in 2000, CDP facilitates the collection of climate change data within investment portfolios -- representing 550 global institutional investors with a combined US $71 trillion in assets under management -- as well as through corporate and public sector supply chains.


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