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G4S Taps into the Latent Potential of its Sales Team through CloudApps’ SuMo for Salesforce

SuMo for Salesforce is one of the top tools for improving the performance of my sales teams.

Intuitive application deploys game mechanics and boosts sales pipeline by 60 per cent

London, May 20th 2014 – G4S UK Security Services, a part of the international security solutions group, today announces the implementation of the SuMo (Success Through Motivation) for Salesforce application and The SuMo Pulse managed service from CloudApps, the company that delivers increased business performance by enabling employee behavioural change. The application, that deploys game mechanics, was rolled out across the 140-strong UK sales team in October 2013 to raise levels of CRM adoption and to encourage the correct sales behaviours. It has already seen significant improvements including a 60 per cent increase in sales pipeline.

SuMo is an intuitive, social and mobile application that allows organisations to increase CRM adoption and accelerate the achievement of business KPIs by using game mechanics to reward and recognise employees for strong performance.

Through techniques such as leader boards, points, badges and the integration of Chatter Social Collaboration, SuMo has allowed management at G4S to recognise and reward employees for strong performance, driving deeper CRM adoption and best-practice sales engagement. Having used game mechanics for just three months, G4S has seen significant results.

* 60 per cent increase in “Active” sales pipeline (i.e. when sales managers are in contact with customers)
* 35 per cent upturn in contacts logged in
* Adoption of has risen to 98 per cent across the sales team compared to 75 per cent prior to deploying SuMo for Salesforce
* 86 per cent rise in sales activity logging

By rewarding employees with monthly prizes such as dinner for two or a weekend away, or simple recognition in front of their peers, G4S has been able to improve performance by motivating best-practice sales behaviours across the board.

SuMo for Salesforce is a customisable application that allows organisations to tailor the use of game mechanics to suit their own business objectives and motivate the individuals working within a department, all of whom will be driven by different factors. Allied to the competitive leader boards, collaborative team challenges and social media elements of the application, SuMo has allowed G4S to educate users through a series of best-practice ‘nudges’ based upon the areas of the job on which they are not focusing enough attention.

It is not just about ranks on a leader board or badges gained. Through driving CRM adoption to addiction with game mechanics, G4S now has a much clearer and more reliable view of where employees are spending their time and the progress of sales leads, all of which allows the management team to make more accurate sales forecasts and provide individual sales coaching.

Douglas Greenwell, sales and strategy director at G4S Secure Solutions comments, “SuMo for Salesforce is one of the top tools for improving the performance of my sales teams. It allows me to take an intuitive approach to managing individual employees and get the best out of them by encouraging and embedding the behaviours we want our sales team to exhibit. The visibility that it gives us means that we can choose which behaviours need to be encouraged and where we need to focus our resources.”

Peter Grant, CEO, CloudApps states, “G4S is a prime example of how game mechanics should be implemented to power the performance of a workforce. The management team invests the time in thinking about what motivates its employees and constantly monitoring and tweaking the rewards used in SuMo for Salesforce. As a result, game fatigue can be avoided and individuals will be constantly engaged with the company’s objectives. The results that G4S has seen prove the value that lies in thinking about the intricacies of human behaviour and enabling people to power performance.”

About CloudApps

CloudApps increases organisational performance by enabling, encouraging, enhancing and measuring behavioural change.

CloudApps enables organisations to constantly improve and optimise the performance of people, through the application of intuitive, social and mobile applications. CloudApps’ secure, trusted cloud platform employs game mechanics and expert content to motivate and measure the impact of behavioural change.

Enabling social engagement through nudging and rewarding employees, customers, prospects and partners, CloudApps creates much deeper levels of engagement with organisations. Everyone in the new breed of socially connected enterprise has become “a market of one” and as such constant, evolving dialogue is critical to ensuring that individuals are motivated and driven to excel.

CloudApps is already in use by over 250 customers, including blue-chip organisations such as AMEC, EE, ERM, Lush, La Fitness, Sainsbury,, Sears, Tesco , Thomas Cook and TUI Travel.

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