Design Software Solutions plots fast path to success with CloudApps’ SuMo for Salesforce

Design Software Solutions
Design Software Solutions

SuMo accelerates performance across sales and customer service teams

London, May xxth 2015 - Design Software Solutions (DSS), the UK’s leading provider of Vectorworks software and training services, today announces the rollout of SuMo for Salesforce across its sales and customer service teams. SuMo, from CloudApps, the company that delivers increased business performance through employee behavioural motivation, uses the concepts of data science and gamification to accelerate sales and customer service performance.

A rare success story in difficult economic circumstances, DSS has been experiencing triple-digit growth rates since inception in 2007. Currently approximately half a million designers in more than 85 countries rely on the Vectorworks technology and training services to support them across industries as varied as construction, landscaping, entertainment and manufacturing. 

Sales & Marketing Director, Adrian Slatter, attributes the significant growth seen at DSS to sales innovation and a constant focus on customer success, with SuMo being the latest driver. Not one to rest on his laurels and having invested in CRM, Slatter saw SuMo as the natural accompaniment to fuel further growth.

SuMo is an innovative application that collects behavioural data to predict sales outcomes, such as the likelihood of opportunity closure. SuMo monitors and profiles this behavioural data to determine the “winning way” of top performers and deploys behavioural nudges and game mechanics to motivate these best practice behaviours across every employee.

Slatter commented, “We quickly realised that deploying a CRM system alone would not drive the increase in sales & customer service performance we were seeking. The biggest barrier was engaging employees to utilise the CRM system in a way that accelerates their own personal success, this is where SuMo quickly changed our users’ perception of CRM.”

“{{SuMo is our early warning system, it brings a data driven view of impending sales & customer service issues}} such as the probability of opportunity closure or risk of customer attrition and allows us to take positive action to address it, by motivating the right actions to occur at the right time.”

Since deploying SuMo, DSS experienced:

- 65% increase in qualified pipeline
- 21% increase in revenue
- 87% decrease in customer support resolution times
- 80% increase in employee satisfaction rates

“DSS is an example to us all of a well run, high growth business that is constantly seeking innovative approaches to boost performance” said Peter Grant, CEO, CloudApps

Grant added, “It is refreshing to see a UK company pushing the boundaries and showing us the way to drive a constant improvement in sales and service execution.”


CloudApps – People Powered Performance

CloudApps harnesses the power of data science and gamification to predict and accelerate sales performance.

CloudApps enables organisations to constantly improve and optimise the performance of people. Built on the platform, SuMo employs game mechanics and expert CRM content to motivate behavioural change.

Enabling engagement through nudging and rewarding, SuMo creates much deeper levels of engagement. Everyone in the new breed of socially connected enterprise has become “a market of one” and as such constant, evolving dialogue is critical to ensuring that individuals are motivated and driven to excel.

CloudApps is already in use by over 250 customers, including blue-chip organisations such as AMEC, EE, ERM, LeasePlan, The Post Office, British Gas, Sainsbury,, Tesco, Thomas Cook and TUI Travel.

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