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CloudApps offers predictive sales insight and accelerated sales performance with expanded product offering, SuMo Motivate

SuMo Inspire

We’ve reimagined SuMo to allow our customers to tailor our product to their desired goals

CloudApps introduces threefold offering, allowing for prediction and automation of sales through data insight & behavioural motivation.

London, May 12th 2015 - CloudApps, the company that delivers accelerated sales performance through behavioural motivation and predictive data analysis has announced the immediate availability of its latest offerings, SuMo Inspire, SuMo Energise and SuMo Achieve. Collectively named SuMo Motivate, the three product modules are designed to cater for organisations seeking varying degrees of sales performance sophistication.

SuMo Motivate starts with the entry level module, SuMo Inspire, which delivers the extremely powerful game dynamic of leader boards onto large display screens, advances on to SuMo Energise which harnesses the power of contests and finishes with SuMo Achieve, a fully fledged predictive sales solution that analyses behavioural data to predict sales outcomes & accelerate sales performance.

Built on and fast to get started, SuMo Motivate offers a straightforward upgrade path across the 3 modules, allowing customers to progress as their experience level and requirements expand.

“We’ve always understood that no two businesses are the same, so it was a natural next step for us to construct product modules that flex to meet each individual customer’s need. We’ve reimagined SuMo to allow our customers to tailor our product to their desired goals, allowing for better visibility into their current sales processes and permitting the construction of more ambitious objectives through game mechanics and best-practice automation.” commented Peter Grant, CEO of CloudApps.

Available immediately, SuMo Motivate offers expanded functionality and is divided into three modules, SuMo Inspire, SuMo Energise and SuMo Achieve:

SuMo Inspire - SuMo Inspire offers an interactive leader board experience that engages and motivates sales and customer service teams. Managers can display any data onto the big screen, broadcasting the progress of the business via leader boards such as pipeline creation, closed revenue and customer service request resolution. Offering unique audience participation features that include cheers, taunts and comparison requests the entire team can instantly feel a part of the company’s success.

SuMo Energise – Featuring an easy-to-use competition builder, SuMo Energise allows sales, marketing and service leaders to drive the behaviours that breed repeatable success. SuMo Energise uses competitions, behavioural nudges, badges, rewards and leader boards to motivate users to form winning habits, increasing their effectiveness and performance.

SuMo Achieve - SuMo Achieve harnesses the power of data science and gamification to predict and accelerate sales and customer service performance. By uncovering the winning behaviours exhibited by top performing individuals and identifying the cadence and timing of these behaviours, SuMo Achieve can determine a corporation’s “winning way”. SuMo Achieve enables you to nudge and motivate every user to follow this same path to success, rewarding them as they do.

“By deploying SuMo Motivate, we’ve been able to take a close look at what was working and what was failing in our everyday business strategies. This precise insight not only allowed us to clearly see which deals were going to make it through and which were going to stall, it helped us to see what worked, building a stronger process for our reps to trust and follow that guarantees a higher chance of success” said Adrian Slatter, Sales & Marketing Director of Design Software Solutions.


CloudApps – People Powered Performance

CloudApps harnesses the power of data science and gamification to predict and accelerates sales performance.

CloudApps enables organizations to constantly improve and optimize the performance of people. Built on the platform, SuMo employs game mechanics and expert CRM content to motivate behavioural change.

Enabling engagement through nudging and rewarding, SuMo creates much deeper levels of engagement. Everyone in the new breed of socially connected enterprise has become “a market of one” and as such constant, evolving dialogue is critical to ensuring that individuals are motivated and driven to excel.

CloudApps is already in use by over 250 customers, including blue-chip organizations such as AMEC, EE, ERM, LeasePlan, The Post Office, British Gas, Sainsbury,, Tesco, Thomas Cook and TUI Travel.

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