SuMo Motivate from CloudApps is Now Available in Salesforce1 Mobile

SuMo Mobile
SuMo Mobile

With CloudApps’ SuMo Motivate, customers can use the power of data science and gamification to predict and accelerate their sales performance.

SuMo Motivate is available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world‘s leading enterprise apps marketplace.

London, May 20th, 2015 – CloudApps today announced that SuMo Motivate is available for the Salesforce1 Mobile App, empowering companies to run their businesses from their phones. The Salesforce1 Mobile App delivers a complete and customizable mobile experience in a single app for business users. SuMo Motivate harnesses the power of data science and gamification to predict and accelerate sales performance. By acting as an early-warning system and identifying the best practice behaviours of top performers, SuMo motivates every rep to succeed through the use of behavioural nudges and game mechanics.

Leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Platform, the social, mobile and cloud platform built for the Internet of Customers, SuMo Motivate is immediately available for test drive and deployment via the Salesforce AppExchange at

Comments on the News

“By making SuMo truly mobile, our customers can continue to motivate sales success by encouraging their reps to follow best practice sales behaviours even when they are on the road. {{SuMo allows sales managers to provide constant sales coaching and accelerates each individual sales rep to exceed their quota}},” said Peter Grant, CEO, CloudApps.

“SuMo gives our users an ‘always on’ mobile capability that goes hand-in-hand with the way they work. Providing access to SuMo wherever they are and being instantly rewarded for their achievements greatly motivates my sales teams. The results speak for themselves,” Said Adrian Slatter, Sales & Marketing Director, Design Software Solutions.

“Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world,” said Ryan Ellis, VP, Product Management, Salesforce1 Platform & AppExchange, Salesforce. “With solutions such as SuMo Motivate, customers can harness the power of Salesforce1 to run their businesses from their phones.”

SuMo Motivate Key Features

SuMo Motivate is the sales performance accelerator that harnesses the power of data science and gamification to predict sales outcomes, identify winning behaviours and motivate every rep to exceed quota. With full support of the Salesforce1 mobile client, sales teams stay motivated whilst on the go.

Predictive behavioural analytics bring a fact-based approach to determining sales outcomes, such as the likelihood of opportunity closure, risk of customer churn or sales attrition.

Behavioural data profiling identifies the “winning way” of top sales performers.

Game mechanics and behavioural nudges extend winning behaviours to every sales rep, motivating them to exceed their quota.

Support for the Salesforce1 mobile client allows SuMo to work hand-in-hand with the modern mobile rep, bringing constant coaching and instant reward.

Salesforce1 Mobile Ready Apps on the Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce1 Mobile Apps are available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading business apps marketplace. With more than 2,700 partner apps and more than 3 million customer installs, the Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading enterprise apps marketplace. The Salesforce1 Mobile App is the world’s first enterprise app that lets customers run their business from their phones. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, mobile ready apps from the Salesforce AppExchange can be easily and securely deployed to any Salesforce1 user.

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CloudApps – People Powered Performance

CloudApps harnesses the power of data science and gamification to predict and accelerates sales performance.

CloudApps enables organisations to constantly improve and optimise the performance of people. Built on the platform, SuMo employs game mechanics and expert CRM content to motivate behavioural change.

Enabling engagement through nudging and rewarding, SuMo creates much deeper levels of engagement. Everyone in the new breed of socially connected enterprise has become “a market of one” and as such constant, evolving dialogue is critical to ensuring that individuals are motivated and driven to excel.

CloudApps is already in use by over 250 customers, including blue-chip organisations such as AMEC, EE, ERM, LeasePlan, The Post Office, British Gas, Sainsbury, Tesco, Thomas Cook and TUI Travel.

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