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In 2005 the Danish government banned paper invoicing from their suppliers as a measure to cut costs and improve public sector efficiencies. This was achieved by a move to an electronic procurement system that only accepted invoices in an OIOUBL file format.

Actually saying OIOUBL is one challenge - but a far greater one requires Danish organisations to change their systems to produce the new invoicing file. They were either faced with the internal development costs, or had to outsource to a provider such as Evenex, one of the leading suppliers of digital “connections“ in Denmark. Evenex are able to take whatever flavour of XML or EDI the supplier can produce and translate the structure into OIOUBL - as a result, facilitating transactions with the government.

However, Jens Toke Lausen – an executive at Evenex at the time, recognised that although this was an excellent service for the larger organisation it was still beyond the reach and...

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