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Two money-saving super mums have joined forces to share their money-saving knowledge and find ways to cut the cost of Christmas Groceries.

Frugal money saver Natalie Cooper and coupon and deals expert Kez Richards save on just about every aspect of their lives. They believe it is possible to save on everything from groceries to holidays and would never dream of spending a penny without first price checking or using a discount code or coupon.

The biggest stress that is placed upon most parents is the huge mounting costs of Christmas with decorations, food, presents and all the trimmings it can almost seem like an obligation rather than an enjoyable time of year. By putting their heads together, Kez and Natalie believe there is enough ways to save money on your Christmas groceries that you can more than cut your bill in half.

Here is their top ten tips to save on your Christmas groceries

1. The biggest and most important...

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