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CodeFutures has announced the General Availability of Release 3.0 of its award-winning FireStorm/DAO tool that makes software developers more productive by generating the Java code for accessing databases. CodeFutures' code generation approach cuts development costs through higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs.

"CodeFutures emphasizes the importance of a technology-independent Java persistence tier based on the Data Access Object (DAO) Core J2EE Design Pattern. FireStorm/DAO is unique in offering multiple Java persistence technologies (EJB CMP, JDBC, JDO, and Hibernate) in the same product. This means that CodeFutures can offer advice to customers on the best Java persistence technology for an application, rather than promote a single technology as the perfect solution for all applications." explains Andy Grove, CTO, CodeFutures Software

"The primary benefit of FireStorm/DAO is that it immediately cuts...

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