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Att: All Beauty Journalists - Would you like Tea at the Ritz?

We are holding Tea at the Ritz Piccadilly for all beauty journalists to launch our new spa/upmarket salon treatment....

A complete mind, body and soul experience suitable for any age group, which combines the ancient arts of relaxation (energy re-alignment through Chakra rebalancing, meditation and relaxation) with the active chemistry of 21st century skincare.

High tech solutions which promise to re-programme the skin to function in the way that it did in its 20's.

Also introducing colour therapy - colour through phychological and physical input - did you know that only 20% of colour is absorbed by the eye? the rest is absorbed by the skin!

Chromo-Science is a beauty industry first! - A totally revolutionary spa/salon treatment therapy and 28 day homecare cure.

We would love for you to join us on the 5th September 2005 between 3pm and 5pm -
To register your interest, reserve your place and receive a complimentary Chromo-Science treatment at your convenience,
or to receive further information please call Leila Watmough or Kirsti Shuba on 01767 682288.
Alternately please email: