Address skin ageing caused by stress! New treatment available at Champneys and salons nationwide!

Address skin ageing caused by stress!
New treatment available at Champneys and salons nationwide.

Until now we have all waged the anti-ageing war quite simply with a 2 prong attack.

The beauty industry has addressed the 2 known forms of skin ageing.

It has recently been recognised that, in fact, there is a third form of skin ageing and, unfortunately, it’s happening to us all – STRESS!

The stress related ageing process has now been addressed by a leading professional French skincare brand – Collin (Paris).

This new concept is called Chromo-Science and includes a 1 hr. 15 min. salon treatment called “The Source of Life” and a 28 day homecare programme called “The Fountains of Life”.

You know the stress related ageing process should not be disregarded when industry experts such as Champneys feel the need to introduce Chromo-Science into all 4 Champneys resorts (Henlow Grange, Tring, Springs and Forest Mere).

Here are the facts:

Until now: The recognised forms of skin ageing were:

1) Mechanical Ageing – laughing, smiling, crying, frowning, even creasing from sleeping.

The treatment has only ever been treating what you can physically see, i.e. when the damage is done. E.g. Microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, glycolic peels, non-surgical and surgical face lifts, botox, fillers, some salon treatments and homecare products.

2) Chronological ageing – hormones, genetics, pollution, sun damage.

Again, treatment is largely when the damage is done and many of the above treatments can help.

Now we can treat the stress related ageing process.

Stress is something that affects almost all of us to some degree.
Doctors write patients off work for months with stress whilst some of us deal with it and keep going but, whatever happens, it is a factor that is ageing our bodies and our skin rapidly and, until now, has not been addressed.

The negative messengers and chemicals released by the body are fact! It is these that are attacking our skin and profoundly ageing it.

Chromo-Science will work in a preventative form as well as curative. Combine this with treatment for the mechanical and chronological forms of ageing, we can now offer a 3 pronged attack against wrinkles and the ageing of the skin – keeping Britain looking as young as possible for as long as possible.

Our offer to you!
In exchange for PR, Collin would like to invite journalists to our Head Office Training centre to experience for themselves the delight of Chromo-Science and, of course, prevent the stress related ageing process.

You will be treated to the latest industry breakthrough from the hands of experienced industry experts and invited to try for yourself the salon treatment and the Fountains of Life 28 day cure.

The Source of Life Treatment:

· Reprogramme your skin.
· Reduce the stress related ageing process.

Combining the scientific expertise of Collin-Paris with your Therapist’s holistic techniques, to give you 90 minutes of wonderful, relaxing, de-stressing treatment. The very best of both worlds.

Dr. Isobelle Volle PhD developed Chromo-Scienceâ at Collin’s Laboratories with 29 active ingredients formulated to preserve the youth of your skin and to reduce your stress related ageing process. This is the first step to reprogramme your skin cells, to function in the way they did in your younger years.

The Source of Life Treatment features Collin’s proven chemistry in combination with colour therapy, to lift your spirit, plus energy re-balancing movements, during a full salon facial. Thanks to Collin’s 56% active ingredients and your Therapist’s relaxing treatment, you have started your skin’s reprogramming.

1 hour 30 minutes including a 15-minute consultation

Continue the experience at home with:

The Fountains of Life

· A spectacular 28-day cure with one major goal - to slow the ageing process.
With this spectacular 28-day course, you will give your skin over 40% of active ingredients essential to the cells’ vital requirements, with one single goal: to slow the ageing process.

Each specific serum (or “FOUNTAIN”) corresponds to particular cellular requirements. The serums’ efficiency is reinforced by the action of colours, whose luminous vibratory waves are captured by your skin.

Results: in 28 days the skin’s cells are reprogrammed, reactivated and the youth mechanisms are re-ignited. You feel beautiful, happy and relaxed. Your skin will be stronger and better equipped to perform and respond more efficiently to all future skin care routines.

For more information about Collin and to book your treatment please call:

Leila Watmough on 01767 682288 or email