LIPO SUCTION IN A BOTTLE - Orderly queue please ladies!!

Leading professional French skin care house, Collin Paris, is pleased to announce the introduction of their new Morpho-Body Lipo Sculpting Cream.

This age defying Body contouring cream will lift and firm the contours of the body thanks to a duo of lifting active ingredients:

Ultra Firming: strengthens, firms and protects collagen and elastin fibres.

Lifting and Smoothing: forms a resistant elastic film and reduces skin’s roughness.

This Sculpting Body Cream has clinically proven slimming effects thanks Unislim®, a revolutionary active ingredient.

Stops the entry of lipids into the fat cells. Reduces the fatty overloads and stimulates lypolisis (elimination of bad fats from the fat cells).


Refines the thighs by up to 27% in volume.
Reduces thighs by up to 1.9cm in perimeter.
Refines the hips by 17.7cm³.

Tested over a 56 day period.

Retail size product 200ml.
RSP: £29.50

For more information, contact Leila Watmough on 01767 682288 or email