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FSA Compliance Officer Training Launched

Compliancy Services, the specialist FSA (Financial Services Authority) consultancy and training company, today announces the launch of its Compliance Officer training course. The course fills the gap that currently exists for Compliance Officers, enabling financial services firms to protect themselves from the risks of FSA regulation and provide professional development for their compliance staff.

Around 29,000 firms are directly authorised by the FSA to conduct financial services activities in the UK and the FSA has levied fines of over £65M on companies for not complying with its regulations. All regulated firms must implement systems and controls to ensure FSA compliance and avoid censure by the FSA, an activity normally managed by a Compliance Officer or department. Despite this very little commercial training is available for Compliance Officers. The options normally available are long formal diplomas or courses aimed at helping regulated staff, such as sales staff, comply with the rules.

The new Compliance Officer Training course has a different objective: it is designed to help Compliance Officers do their jobs in a practical manner, focusing on the role of the compliance function and its relationship with the regulator and the firm as well as evaluating the contents of a Compliance Officer’s job. Using e-learning, it enables Compliance Officers to train at their pace taking each of the six modules when convenient, and the syllabus covers a broad range of important subject areas and facilitates practical activities to develop confidence.

Iain Stephen, Managing Director of Compliancy Services explains the value of the course. “Not only does formal training enable firms to protect themselves from the risks associated with FSA regulation, it also offers them a way of developing compliance staff professionally. Many firms only view of their compliance department is based solely on the “regulator’s level of focus” on a firm (i.e. have they, or will they be, in trouble?) However, this narrow approach does not reflect the professional development needs of compliance staff, and ultimately by developing their compliance staff’s skills firms can further protect and grow their business.”

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About Compliancy Services:

Compliancy Services Ltd is a specialist compliance and business consultancy, assisting FSA authorised firms manage their regulatory risks, providing tailored compliance solutions and end to end training programmes.