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Anti-Bribery Assistance In Advance of New Law, a new website to assist companies and individuals prepare for the Bribery Act 2010, has been launched Compliancy Services announces today.

The new Bribery law consolidates previous legislation and also creates a new corporate offence with the potential of up to 10 years in prison or unlimited fines. Firms particularly at risk include those with overseas operations or counterparties with overseas operations, firms participating in any way in high value tender purchases, or companies that have regular high-end corporate entertainment. Most major commercial sectors are likely to be affected including Financial Services, Media, IT, Pharmaceutical and Mining/Natural Resources as well as the Public Sector.

Ben Mason, Compliancy Services Managing Partner, explains: “While the Bribery Act affects everyone many firms are still evaluating the risks they face or the personal liabilities of their Directors. provides resources and information to help them understand these risks so they can plan the appropriate action.”

Ben Mason
Managing Partner
Tel: 0844 324 5275