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City Foreign Exchange Broker Gains FSA Authorisation

Abshire-Smith, the Foreign Exchange and Futures/Options broker, has gained FSA Authorisation to provide trading services to its clients in the UK, EEA and the Middle East. Abshire-Smith's clients will include introducing brokers as well as private individuals looking for a robust trading platform and market leading rates.

Adam Neal, Abshire-Smith CEO, commented: "Our FSA Authorisation highlights our commitment to quality, customer service and compliance and is a key step in our objective to establish ourselves as a leading player in the international Foreign Exchange and Futures/Options trading market. We are delighted to have received our FSA Authorisation so promptly. Our 'Authorisation in Principle' notice came through within two months of our application, significantly quicker than we had expected. We look forward to taking our place in the London market and providing our clients with a highly competitive trading platform."

As part of their FSA application Abshire-Smith have applied for a European passport under MIFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.) This will enable them to provide their services to clients across the entire EEA.

Abshire-Smith was advised by city consultancy Compliancy Services for the management of their FSA application and on-going FSA Compliance issues.