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Computeach web design courses – the key to your future?

With IT training in such high demand at the moment, choosing which course to enrol on can often be difficult. Many major employers are now searching for recruits with IT competencies, so choosing the right course for the career is an important decision.

One of the most in-demand areas at present is web design. Companies are keen to show they are head and shoulders above the competition and need people with the necessary skills to achieve this. Whether a company is seeking to make its web portal more aesthetically pleasing, or simply seeking to re-jig its content, the expertise of someone who has qualifications in web design are going to be crucial.

So, you have decided that web design is the way forward for you – what next? There are various training courses on offer, but it is worth noting that each will provide a different standard of teaching and the qualifications at the end may vary as well.

As a result, it is imperative to make the right decisions in the early stages. Opting for a Computeach web design course will give students the peace of mind that they are being taught and awarded by a bona fide institution. It has 45 years of expertise to build on, which cannot be said for many of the IT training course providers on the market in the present day.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this web design course is the qualification gained at the end. Each successful student will be accredited by the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), which is well-respected in the field.

Depending on which examinations are taken, candidates have the opportunity to gain the CIW Associate certification, CIW Professional certification or Master CIW Designer certification. Each of these shows the degree of knowledge possessed by the candidate and is a clear indicator to any employer that they have the know-how to take on the task in hand.

One of the main advantages of the Computeach web design course is that it is vendor-neutral, meaning students will be able to adapt their new found skills to a wide range of software and hardware.

The three courses currently available are the 1D0-510 CIW Foundation, CIW Site Designer 1D0-520 and CIW E-Commerce Designer 1D0-525, which all study different aspects of web design. Anyone considering enrolling is advised to check which of these they wish to pursue by heading to

A wide range of areas relating to web design are covered in the various courses. The first, for example, aims to address how web browsers are expected to function, the roles of different people within an IT infrastructure and how communication can be carried out effectively with the use of internet-based technology.

Once these foundations have been laid, candidates are then given the chance to learn how to create web pages, HTML frames, technologies to enhance user experience and some of the more technologically demanding aspects of web design. This includes Cascading Style Sheets and Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.

The CIW Site Designer 1D0-520, on the other hand, is more concerned with user experience and aesthetics, while also giving companies a website they can maximise to their own advantage. This includes linking it to a database that will enable a firm to streamline its operations and gather data pertaining to its operations. It will give candidates the chance to use HTML and XHTML to develop web pages and their structures to enhance existing web designs.

Meanwhile, CIW E-Commerce Designer 1D0-525 is focused on audience usability while also giving firms the chance to maximise their sales. This will involve looking into payment processing services, the implementation of inventories and e-commerce based learning solutions. Furthermore, it gives an insight into the legalities surrounding e-commerce, which is a skill sure to be invaluable to any potential employer hoping to maximise their operations.

Computeach also includes examination costs in the price of its training courses, meaning candidates do not get any nasty surprises when it comes to taking their examinations. Furthermore, there is an unrivalled support network to ensure students can make the most out of their learning experience. This includes classroom-based learning on campus, email and phone support and a student website with discussion forums to interact with other people on the same course.

Once the qualifications have been gained, Computeach claims that a web designer can expect to earn anything up to £30,000 a year with some experience. Senior web designers, however, are looking at salaries of around £43,000 per annum.

Choosing a web design course could be just the kick start people need to make waves in their new career. With the IT industry thriving at the moment, there is no better time to enrol.


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