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Hosted Microsoft CRM Extends Concentrix Software Portfolio

UK Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist and IT solutions provider Concentrix is now providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a hosted CRM solution.

Concentrix has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an on-premise solution within businesses throughout the UK since the product was first released. The company has long been a strong advocate of on-premise CRM solutions, but over recent months has seen increasing demand for hosted systems.

John Odell, Senior CRM Consultant at Concentrix said, “We decided to supply Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as a hosted solution as well as on-premise, simply because the hosted model bests suits the requirements of some organisations. We’re getting more and more enquiries about hosted or software-as a-service (SaaS) CRM solutions. Because Concentrix takes a product agnostic approach to supplying software, it made sense for us to offer a hosted Microsoft CRM option.”

The key difference between Concentrix hosted and on-premise Microsoft CRM is that, with the hosted version, Concentrix holds the software and data on their computers (servers) housed in an advanced data-centre. This means Concentrix IT experts take responsibility for the running and maintenance of the software and servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Users of Concentrix hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM simply access the system over the internet. They don’t have to download or install the software and, because everything’s stored on the Concentrix system, they need less hardware compared to an on-premise solution. But just like an on-premise CRM system, companies can use their own data, fully integrate the software with Microsoft Outlook, and Concentrix can configure Microsoft CRM to meet the requirements of individual businesses. What’s more, organisations choosing Concentrix hosted CRM can be up and running literally in minutes. This is a great advantage to many companies, particularly those with limited IT resource and expertise, and businesses that want a straightforward, easily deployed CRM solution.

Odell continues, “By providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a hosted solution, Concentrix is responding to organisations that need lower setup costs, less risk and quicker implementation times. We’re catering for businesses that want to concentrate on their key activities, without having to spend money on IT hardware or employ highly skilled IT staff. With our hosted solution, customers simply pay a monthly fee; Concentrix takes care of everything else.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is one of the fastest growing mid-market CRM solutions. It improves efficiency and effectiveness throughout organisations, in particular the ‘front-office’ functions of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. It gives all staff within an organisation a common, holistic view of all customer, supplier and prospect details, with tools and features which can dramatically improve the way they work.

Despite the increased interest in hosted CRM, Concentrix key products remain ‘best-of-breed’ on-premise CRM solutions. These include Sage CRM, FrontRange’s GoldMine, and the integrated CRM, accounting and business management solution Sage 200, as well as Microsoft CRM.

Asked if Concentrix expects to see a shift from on-premise to hosted solutions, Odell replies “Probably the other way around. Hosted solutions are a great way to get started with CRM and install a ‘CRM culture’. However, there are some limitations with hosted CRM solutions and they are by no means suited to everyone. It’s likely that businesses that start off with a hosted solution will soon see tangible benefits and, with proven ROI, will move away from a monthly-fee model to on-premise.”

So how do organisations choose between on-premise and hosted CRM? Odell concludes, “If you’re looking at CRM but are not sure about the best option for your organisation, I recommend you talk to an independent CRM specialist such as Concentrix. They’ll talk it through with you and provide comprehensive advice and guidance.”

Background Information

Concentrix is a leading UK independent customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, and IT solutions provider. Founded in 1999, Concentrix helps companies increase competitiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction by improving business processes, systems and IT.

Concentrix CRM solutions are based on recognised, 'best-of-breed' CRM software products. These include Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix, FrontRange's GoldMine software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Concentrix has also developed a number of complementary, add-on CRM software modules, and has a dedicated team of software programmers and developers.

Today, Concentrix is a one-stop-shop for CRM software, accounts software, business management and supporting IT. So, as well as CRM, Concentrix also supplies Sage 200, the fully integrated business management solution, plus leading brand hardware, a comprehensive range of support, training, courses, upgrades, advice and consultancy. In other words, Concentrix provides complete solutions: software, hardware and supporting services.

Concentrix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a fully Accredited Sage Business Partner and a FrontRange Premier Partner.
Concentrix is based in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire and has a satellite office in central London.

For further information, call Concentrix on 01509 410 500, email or visit