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Conseal Security Launches Conseal USB to Wipe Sensitive Content from Removable Media Devices

Unique dual lock system, coupled with remote wipe capabilities equals industry leading security for protecting data on the move

London, UK – 16 February 2011 – Conseal Security, the provider of solutions to secure data on the move, today launched its first solution to meet the growing threat of sensitive data being lost, or stolen, whilst in transit. Conseal USB applies Conseal cloud-based protection to any USB device such as USB sticks, memory cards and external hard drives.

Key features include dual lock AES-256 encryption and the ability to remotely destroy sensitive data if the device falls into the wrong hands. In addition, an audit trail of all access attempts − authorised or otherwise – is captured for every device protected with Conseal and can be used for regulatory compliance purposes.

Incidents such as the infamous HMRC loss of CDs containing National Insurance numbers and other data for nearly half the UK population, HSBC losing a storage drive containing millions of insurance records, Nationwide Building Society losing a laptop holding 11 million customer records and the Ministry of Defence being unable to account for information on over 2,000 staff, drives and USB sticks in the last two years stand as just a handful of examples of failure to ensure data is secure when the device it is on falls into unknown hands.

“The fact that these, and other instances of data loss, are on-going stand as testament to the fact that current storage security solutions for removable storage are not adequate or do not fit the way that users and organisations need to operate in order to remain efficient and productive,” said Tom Colvin, chief technology officer of Conseal Security.

Conseal’s unique cloud-based solution stands to correct this issue and not only delivers robust 256-bit encryption, but combines it with detailed audit trails and logging to enable data owners to see who has been trying to access devices. Also, remote management and control ensures that even if an encrypted storage device is lost or stolen, it can be rendered completely unusable regardless of whether the password or encryption measures have been compromised.

In addition, Conseal’s solution is completely hardware agnostic, working with storage solutions from any vendor. By eliminating vendor hardware lock-in, users can concentrate on protecting their data, rather than be restricted by the cost, complexity and limitations of a single range of compatible hardware.

Key functions of Conseal USB include:

• A unique cloud-based management console which can be accessed on the move from the latest smartphones in addition to standard web browsers
• A unique dual lock AES-256 bit encryption system that means protection of the device is not reliant on the complexity of a password
• Access rules can be specified and limited to person, device, domain or IP address range
• Remote self destruct means the owner can destroy the disk’s contents if it falls into the wrong hands
• Owner is alerted the moment anyone tries to access protected data
• A complete audit trail of all access attempts against a Consealed device and shows IP addresses, MAC addresses, drive serial numbers, system and login names etc.

“Conseal USB allows sensitive data owners to maintain centralised control of removable storage devices without having to resort to draconian measures that are simply not practical. The combination of strong encryption with remote management and wiping means Conseal USB affords an extra level of security and protection in the event a device is lost or stolen,” added Colvin.

Price and availability

Conseal USB is available now from and starts at £19.95 for 12 month protection of up to five devices. Corporate volume licences are also available.

About Conseal Security

Conseal Security is a UK-based provider of security solutions to consumer and enterprise IT users looking to secure data storage devices on the move. Its unique products allow users to protect their data wherever they are, ensuring uncompromised security at home, in the workplace and in the field.

Users manage devices protected by Conseal’s solutions using a cloud-based management console. This ensures that data integrity is maintained at all times while allowing organisations to remain compliant with industry and regulatory data protection guidelines.
Conseal’s solutions deliver unrivalled protection for data stored on devices such as USB sticks, memory cards and external hard disks. It allows users to retain control and ownership of their private data, revoke access and render the device unreadable, even if the disk on which it’s stored is no longer in their possession.

Conseal is headquartered in London, with a development centre in the Thames Valley.
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