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- learndirect reveals how to work your way into the summer’s hottest events -

With the festival season kicking off this weekend, summer has finally arrived! But getting your hands on tickets for events like Glastonbury, V Festival, Live 8 or even Wimbledon, is near impossible. Glastonbury tickets sold out within three hours this year and more than two million text entries were received for the 150,000 tickets available for the Live8 concert. But what if there was a way to guarantee entry to the hottest summer gigs and events?

Every year, thousands of people are needed to work behind the scenes at the festivals. For example, of the 150,000 tickets issued this year for Glastonbury, approximately 34,000 are allocated to cover passes for those working at the festival. For those with the right skills, there are all kinds of jobs available, from on-site caterers and stewards to stylists, lighting technicians and...

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