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Contentology tackles 2015's b2b content marketing game changers

A ‘state of the nation’ assessment of the evolving content marketing landscape

Specialist content marketing business, Contentology, has launched its latest guide to the game changers in b2b content marketing for 2015.

A ‘state of the nation’ assessment of the evolving content marketing landscape, the guide covers a series of topics including; the tangible value of a documented strategy, the new technology arms race and how a ‘third way’ is emerging as content and SEO finally get it together.

With gameplays and practical tips to deal with the new reality, ‘B2B Content Marketing Game Changers’ is the first in a series of pragmatic tools and guidance from the Contentology team, specifically designed for b2b marketers.

Launched in February 2015, Contentology is the new venture from experienced b2b content marketers, Stuart Crow and Abi Buckley, ex-directors of Manchester based agency, Marketecture.

Stuart, CEO, explains the premise behind the new business: “We’ve seen first-hand the value effective content marketing can provide in terms of profile, leads and ROI, but too many b2b content strategies are currently led by agencies with a specific, singular agenda – SEO, PR, brand. All too often the result is a ‘tinkering round the edges’ and a mis-direction of marketing spend.

“Contentology joins the dots from effective planning through to implementation, conversion and nurturing. The highest quality content – whatever the format – lies at the heart of what we do. The rest of our time is spent discovering, testing and developing our programmes to draw out the latest, most innovative and most pragmatic industry thinking, while proving the Holy Grail of content marketing ROI.”

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B2B Content Marketing Game Changers can be downloaded here.


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