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CopperEye(tm) Signs Strategic Alliance with Cognos bringing its 'Quantum Leap' Data Indexing Technology to the Business Intelligence Marketplace

Major new strategic agreement expected to bring competitive advantages to Cognos Business Intelligence customers

8 January 2003 -- Bath, UK -- CopperEye, developer and supplier of a revolutionary new data indexing technology that significantly enhances database performance, today announced a Strategic Alliance with Cognos, the world leader in Business Intelligence. CopperEye's Adaptive Addressing solutions dramatically improve database performance, provide rapid availability of information at unprecedented speed and delivers significant cost benefits. With the alliance, CopperEye technology will be used across Cognos Series 7 Business Intelligence (BI) products, which Cognos believes will make these applications run significantly faster and provide another differentiator for its customers.

CopperEye's Ray Bond, Alliances Director, said: "The match between the two companies is an extremely strong one. We are combining complementary strengths that will give Cognos customers performance capabilities unavailable elsewhere in the BI marketplace.

"Our two companies will work together closely to ensure this customer base benefits from a collaborative approach to servicing accounts and to putting into place the most performant BI solution, capable of using vast data repositories rapidly and in the most effective way."

Within the alliance CopperEye remains focused on its key technology. According to CopperEye's Chief Executive Officer Steven Rose: "This is an important strategic relationship in the market. It combines the market leadership of Cognos in Business Intelligence with our own leadership in data indexing. Together we are able to give organisations competitive advantages with the best available Business Intelligence solutions in the marketplace, with each party focusing on what it does best."

For its part, as Cognos moves towards enterprise deployments of its Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management vision, it is increasingly meeting customers with large data repositories. CopperEye technology enables the Cognos solution to deliver managed reporting and analysis with unprecedented speed and efficiency in data access.

David Ruskin, UK Technical Director of Cognos, said: "CopperEye's complementary technology will provide yet another differentiator between Cognos and our competitors, this time with regard to application performance. To us it is a very important partnership and we appreciate that CopperEye has no such similar agreement with other BI providers."

UK Managing Director of Cognos, Graham Walter, sees the venture as an exciting opportunity for Cognos to partner with an innovative company able to provide a leading-edge approach to using corporate data. "CopperEye's Adaptive Addressing technology is unrivalled today and will provide strong competitive advantages to our customers. We believe that Cognos has moved ahead in the BI marketplace thanks to this alliance, and this is extremely good news for our customers."

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About Cognos:

Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence (BI), delivers software that helps companies improve business performance by enabling effective decision-making at all levels of the organization. A forerunner in defining the BI software category, Cognos delivers the next level of competitive advantage - Corporate Performance Management (CPM) - achieved through the strategic application of BI on an enterprise scale.

CPM lets organisations measure execution against business strategy to ensure the two are aligned at all levels across the enterprise. Cognos provides a framework for CPM that links people, information, and decision-making processes throughout the organisation, and enables the complete management cycle with integrated software for planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis, and scorecarding.
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About CopperEye(tm)

CopperEye Ltd is an international developer and supplier of revolutionary products that significantly accelerate operations within new and existing relational database systems. It offers an innovative technical solution that provides a substantial impact on business competitiveness and operational performance. CopperEye has invented and patented a totally new type of "data indexing" solution. It represents a "quantum leap" in data indexing technology. Called Adaptive Addressing, the company currently has two core products:

* Intelligent Indexing - a solution that can improve existing Oracle relational database performance by up to ten times*. This is achieved by directly replacing existing conventional indexes within an application.

* Custom Indexing - a full set of APIs that enable application developers to easily create new custom solutions. This technology out-performs existing conventional indexes and is easily integrated, resulting in increases in performance of up to forty times*

*in test environments within CopperEye.

By dramatically improving relational database performance, the solutions provide increased availability of information, unprecedented speed and business efficiency, as well as significant cost benefits.
CopperEye is headquartered in Bath, UK. For further information visit:

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