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CopperEye Announces a Major New Release - Giving Increases in Database Performance of up to 200 times or more

CopperEye announces a major new release of its Adaptive Addressing Data Indexing technology

FastBuild functionality vastly out-performs conventional indexing methods, giving increases in database performance of up to 200 times or more

27 November 2003 -- Bath, UK - CopperEye, developer and supplier of a revolutionary new data indexing technology (Adaptive Addressing) that significantly enhances performance in data management systems, today announced a new release of Adaptive Addressing Custom Indexing (v3.1) that introduces FastBuild, a major enhancement set to change the way businesses approach indexing today. FastBuild enables organisations to rapidly index their existing database systems - thus quickly adopting Adaptive Addressing making it simpler and more cost-effective than ever before while offering vastly increased speeds of querying and retrieval.

By taking large volumes of data, and rapidly creating indexes against them, FastBuild's functionality within Adaptive Addressing, makes information available at massively enhanced speeds, offering greater competitive advantage for businesses. For those with masses of data, it makes the business case for vastly improved indexing even more compelling since it now simplifies and reduces the adoption times of Adaptive Addressing technology.

Using FastBuild, index build rates of 250,000 per second / disk are readily achievable, meaning that with pre-sorted data a 50 million row index would take just over three minutes to build and is then available for use. FastBuild will change the approach businesses take to index building as the time savings seen are dramatic. They could reduce days into hours.

Commenting on Adaptive Addressing and FastBuild, Philip Howard of European Analysts' Bloor Research, said: "Adaptive Addressing is a very powerful technology for use in improving performance in the retrieval of data." He continues "FastBuild, as its name suggests, very rapidly creates an index against pre-sorted data. CopperEye claims that it can build indexes at the rate of 250,000 per sec per disk based on a 400Mhz Sun E450. Since performance is CPU bound, a higher spec processor should result in even better performance. Further, this performance is linear so it applies regardless of the size of the original file or table. That's impressive by anyone's standards."

Paul McCafferty, COO and a founder of CopperEye said: "this new product will allow our customers to benefit from the performance capability of Adaptive Addressing resulting in a large saving to the bottom line." He continued, "being able to do in hours what could have taken weeks in some cases will fundamentally change the way businesses are able to use their technology."

"Adaptive Addressing greatly out-performs existing conventional indexes," said Duncan Pauly, Chief Technical Officer at CopperEye. "As its name suggests, working within Adaptive Addressing, FastBuild will build new indexes rapidly, enabling much faster querying and better reporting, for example. It is easily integrated into new applications resulting in increases in performance of up to 200* times or more. "

About FastBuild

FastBuild creates initial indexes from legacy data, or quickly extends existing indexing capabilities. Once created the indexes work in a transaction mode based on new data being introduced. This results in far superior performance, with enormous benefits for any non-trivial database.

Features include:

* Linear build performance regardless of initial data size, which means no degradation of performance no matter how large the data file.

* The ability for newly created indexes to continue to support new data growth and perform at exceptional performance rates.

* Ability to rapidly introduce Adaptive Addressing within new or upgraded systems even from extremely large existing data sets.

* Build options that allow the index to be very tightly constructed so that index sizes can be kept small if required.

* Opening up of the opportunity to introduce additional index support and temporary index support, even on exceptionally large operational systems.

* Support for the concept of read-only indexes on static data

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About CopperEye

CopperEye Ltd is an international developer and supplier of revolutionary technology that significantly accelerates operations within new and existing data management systems. The company has invented and patented a totally new type of data indexing technology called Adaptive Addressing. It offers an innovative technical solution that has a substantial positive impact on business competitiveness and operational database performance.

Custom Indexing is the Adaptive Addressing product for Java, C and C++. The product is a full set of APIs that enable application developers to easily create new custom solutions. These resultant applications can achieve increases in performance of up to 200* times. By dramatically improving database performance, the solutions provide increased availability of information, unprecedented speed and business efficiency, as well as significant cost benefits.

CopperEye is headquartered in Bath, UK. For further information visit:

*in test environments within CopperEye.

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