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CopperEye Creates US Presence to Exploit Expanding Market Opportunity for High-Performance Data Stores in High-Transaction Business Environments

31 March 2004 -- Bath, UK -- CopperEye, developer and supplier of a revolutionary new data indexing technology that significantly enhances performance in data management systems, today announced the launch of its US operation with the opening of new offices in California, as well as the appointment of Kate Mitchell as Chief Executive Officer.
The initiative is a confident step forwards for CopperEye, whose expansion into the US is part of the company's strategic development plan, building on its vision and commitment to becoming a global company. The US entry follows a £2m (GBP) capital injection from LMS Capital. CopperEye will maintain corporate, research & development and customer support headquarters in the U.K.
Mitchell brings to her post nearly three decades of wide-ranging customer-facing executive success with database leaders such as Oracle and IBM. Immediately prior to joining CopperEye, Mitchell was Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, for SeeBeyond Technology Corporation, where she worked with such companies as General Motors, DuPont, Pfizer and Sprint to help grow revenues 400% in her four-year tenure, establishing SeeBeyond as the global leader in business integration.

Mitchell said: "Real-time business requires real-time analysis and decision making. With the explosive growth of information, the old ways of managing data are neither scalable nor affordable. CopperEye, with its proven technology, obliterates an architectural bottleneck which has existed for decades, now allowing applications to handle very high transaction volumes while at the same time, delivering very fast query performance."
CopperEye's Board commented: "We conducted an extensive search to find the right CEO for CopperEye. In Mitchell we have found someone with strong credentials in growing and steering young organisations, ensuring they reach their full potential. We are certain she will make a huge impact on CopperEye's future success and are delighted to welcome her on board."
CopperEye's innovative indexing technology Software Developers Kit (SDK), formally known as Adaptive Addressing, is being made available in the US . For developers of extremely large, high performance, high transaction volume applications, it is aimed at Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integration organisations specialising in application development, in addition to large companies who do their own in-house application development.
Using CopperEye's solution, businesses and application developers are be able to implement intelligent agile applications which combine the performance of operational systems with the analytical power of data warehousing applications; a combination that has traditionally been difficult to achieve in general, and virtually impossible in high transaction environments with large historical storage requirements.
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About CopperEye
CopperEye Ltd provides software for developing high-performance data stores suited to high-transaction volume business environments, eliminating the traditional trade-off between real-time operational performance and powerful analytics. CopperEye's underlying technology is a new, patented indexing approach that delivers a quantum leap in performance over traditional indexing alternatives. This technology is currently available as part of the CopperEye Software Development Kit*. CopperEye has offices in Bath, UK, and San Francisco, US. For further information, please visit

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The enormous growth in the data volumes of data created by modern business operations is dwarfing the ability of companies to capture and use the data to enhance their competitiveness. New technologies are going to make the situation exponentially more challenging, creating both opportunities for competitive advantage for those companies who can capture, analyze and apply the data to their operations, and extraordinary vulnerabilities for those businesses that cannot.
Until now, companies have been forced to acquire ever-larger, ever-more-expensive hardware, and additional software licences and personnel as they architect solutions for very large to support transaction volumes and enormous databases. Although some of the largest global enterprises have the resources to spend their way out of the problem in this manner, most companies need a new, equally powerful but more cost-effective approach to capture, manage and analyze their growing volumes of data in ways that help them optimize their business operations.
One market in which CopperEye competes is what IDC has labelled within the Emerging Database Optimization Technologies Software marketplace, which IDC projects will grow to $950 million in revenue within three years. This market segment, part of the $14 billion relational and object-relational database market, is being fuelled by the 200 percent annual growth in corporate data volumes, which is also expected to accelerate dramatically with the introduction of such new technologies as 3G in mobile communications, radio-frequency identification (RFID) in retail and manufacturing, and information management to support Sarbanes-Oxley in public corporations across all industries in the US.