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CopperEye Announces availability of its New Datablade, offering Major Performance Improvements for IBM’s Informix Customers

CopperEye solution enhances database performance by delivering speeds up to 10 times faster than possible today.

15 June 2004 - Bath, UK - CopperEye today announced the general availability of the CopperEye Datablade for Informix, delivering significantly enhanced database performance for Informix customers. Developed jointly with IBM, the CopperEye Datablade incorporates CopperEye’s proprietary data indexing technology that obliterates long-standing data indexing limitations to achieving superior database performance. Joint benchmarks conducted with IBM have established the enhanced performance in a laboratory environment, and beta customer implementations have confirmed the results in real-world operations.

“The CopperEye Datablade represents an innovative solution for Informix customers to significantly enhance the performance and value of their IBM solutions” says Barbara Stanley; Business Executive for IBM DB2 Information Management Software “As the first commercially available new Datablade since IBM’s acquisition of Informix, we are particularly excited to see this level of innovation by an IBM partner”

The new Datablade –which has now gone through Beta testing with IBM customers – dramatically improves overall database performance through CopperEye’s revolutionary indexing technology, providing increased availability of information at speeds unprecedented in the marketplace today.
Joint benchmark tests with IBM have shown over a 10-fold improvement in transactional performance.

“Some of the world’s largest corporations rely on IBM’s Informix platform to run their businesses, and the CopperEye Datablade is an exciting product that can potentially help many of them handle the growing volume of data generated by business operations” said Stuart Litel, president of the International Informix User Group. “CopperEye indexing is a unique innovation that strikes at the heart of database performance for high volume environments and the CopperEye Datablade is an attractive solution for the Informix community”.

The Datablade has recently been tested successfully with Oninit, an IBM reseller. During the tests they achieved dramatic improvements in database operations and can testify to “experiencing clearly superior maintenance performance of over four times faster when compared to the standard options ”said Paul Watson Technical Director of Oninit.

Duncan Pauly, CTO of CopperEye, said: “Indexing is at the core of many areas of database performance and CopperEye’s proprietary indexing technology is the key innovation driving the performance improvements made possible with the CopperEye Datablade. While it offers superior performance in virtually all situations, the CopperEye Datablade truly excels in the most demanding high transaction environments with databases containing millions to hundreds of millions of rows.”

The CopperEye Datablade leverages the power of the Informix architecture to seamlessly replace standard Informix indexing with CopperEye’s own indexing capability, delivering greatly improved performance without requiring any other system modifications. Benchmark tests conducted jointly with IBM during the development of the Datablade demonstrated a consistent, dramatic improvement in data load performance in multiple fragment, high concurrency scenarios, with comparable query performance even at relatively low volumes.

The CopperEye Datablade is immediately available in Europe and will be available in the US later in the year. The CopperEye Datablade runs on Informix v9.3 and up, and supports all major tier one platforms including AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris.
Pricing will vary by customer environment, but typically ranges from £30k - £360k.

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About CopperEye
CopperEye Ltd provides software solutions that manage high-performance data stores suited to high-transaction volume business environments. The solutions eliminate the traditional trade-off between real-time operational performance and powerful analytics. CopperEye’s underlying technology is a new, patented indexing approach that delivers a quantum leap in performance over traditional indexing alternatives. This technology is available as part of the CopperEye Software Development Kit and The CopperEye Datablade for IDS.
CopperEye has offices in Bath, UK, and San Francisco, US. For further information, please visit

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