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CopperEye Allows Companies To Store, Retain and Rapidly Access 100 Percent Of Their Business Event Data

18 August 2005 – Bath, UK. – CopperEye, an innovator in data management software that delivers order-of-magnitude performance improvements and cost savings, today introduced CopperEye Greenwich, a business event data repository, which allows companies to store 100 percent of their business event data, keep it indefinitely and rapidly retrieve specific data of interest for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. CopperEye Greenwich specifically targets the long implementation times and high cost of traditional database management systems when dealing with very large data volumes delivering a dramatic reduction in both implementation time as well as total cost of ownership.

CopperEye Greenwich achieves this combination of high-performance and low hardware cost as a software-only solution that delivers rapid retrieval of specific records from within billions of rows of structured, unchanging data, stored on low-cost file systems. As a result, CopperEye Greenwich effectively eliminates cost and complexity as obstacles to maximizing the value of business event data by allowing companies to create high-performance data repositories for record-intensive applications at the lowest cost possible in today’s market.

Companies are struggling technically and financially to handle today’s geometric growth in business event data. Accelerated by e-commerce, RFID, regulatory compliance (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley), and many other applications, business event data are write-once records characterized by high transaction rates and long retention requirements. This results in databases of hundreds of terabytes that are quickly becoming too slow to access and expensive to maintain using conventional means.

“The number one concern I hear from CIO’s and other executives is the increasing share of scarce information technology capital being spent to simply keep up with the growing volume of data generated by their businesses“, said Kate Mitchell, chief executive officer of CopperEye. “CopperEye strikes at the heart of this issue by offering a high-performance solution for managing very large volumes of business event data for a fraction of the cost of other solutions, arresting the growth in capital spending on database hardware and software licenses.”

CopperEye Greenwich seamlessly integrates with other data management solutions and technologies used in the enterprise. CopperEye Greenwich allows customers to store more data and use it to better run their business, improve products and services, increase operational efficiencies and cost-effectively meet government compliance requirements. For example, CopperEye’s technology was recently demonstrated at the International DB2 Users Group conference on a two-CPU Linux server supporting queries on a 1.7-billion-row set of RFID data while handling 13,000 transactions per second.

CopperEye Greenwich is currently available on all tier-one UNIX platforms. Pricing is determined by the number of rows of data under management and is tailored to each customer environment. Pricing typically represents a 75-80 percent reduction in the cost of hardware and software for traditional commercial database approaches of comparable performance.
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About CopperEye
CopperEye is a provider of enterprise data management software that delivers an order-of-magnitude cost savings for companies needing to capture, store and quickly access business event data where the volume is measured in the tens- or hundreds-of-terabytes. This is increasingly important as corporate data volumes more than double every year and government regulations require companies to keep data longer. Using CopperEye, companies are able to improve global business and implement more powerful business applications at dramatically lower costs than competing solutions. CopperEye’s underlying technology is a new, patented indexing approach that delivers a quantum leap in performance over traditional indexing alternatives.
CopperEye has offices in Bath, U.K.; Stamford, Conn. and San Francisco, Calif., U.S.A. For further information, please visit

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