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CopperEye Greenwich To Provide A High-performance Platform For Storing Years Of
Internet Service Provider Data With Rapid Query Access

9 January 2006 - Bath, UK - CopperEye, a provider of enterprise search software that allows companies to quickly retrieve exactly the records they need from billions of transactions, today announced that Kingston Communications has selected CopperEye's Greenwich as a solution for their ISP and communications data retention and interrogation requirements. Based upon CopperEye's unique patented technology, the Greenwich high-performance platform will provide Kingston with a solution to numerous issues around the increasing need for access to their ISP and communications data, while simultaneously helping prepare for the dramatic growth in data volumes anticipated in the near future.

"Kingston has a proven history of being at the forefront of innovation, and utilizing the most cost effective solutions for our customers and other stakeholders," said Mic Woodhead, IT Strategy and Architecture Director, "We selected CopperEye Greenwich to improve the use of, and access to, our ISP and network data, and look forward to working with CopperEye as they continue to extend the breadth of their product suite with new solutions. CopperEye Greenwich will support our immediate aims to provide the best possible customer service, while also helping us prepare for whatever communications data retention requirements may occur in the future."

CopperEye Greenwich is an innovative search solution for business event data, such as ISP log files, which allows companies to store 100 percent of their business event data, keep it indefinitely and rapidly retrieve specific records for a fraction of the cost of competing alternatives.. CopperEye Greenwich specifically targets the long implementation times and high cost of traditional database management systems when dealing with very large data volumes, delivering a dramatic reduction in implementation time as well as total cost of ownership.

"CopperEye Greenwich offers a completely new approach to storing and quickly accessing enormous volumes of structured, unchanging data, and is particularly well-suited to communications firms which generate more data for their size than virtually any other business," said Kate Mitchell, CEO of CopperEye. "We're delighted to work with Kingston to meet both their current needs for data retention and retrieval, as well as anticipated requirements for managing dramatically increased data volumes in the future."

CopperEye Greenwich achieves this unique combination of high-performance and low hardware cost as a software-only solution that delivers rapid retrieval of specific records from within billions of rows of structured, unchanging data, stored on low-cost file systems. As a result, CopperEye Greenwich effectively eliminates cost and complexity as obstacles to maximizing the value of business event data by allowing companies to create high-performance data repositories for record-intensive applications at the lowest cost possible in today's market.

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About the Kingston Communications Group
Kingston Communications is a leading provider of communications solutions to businesses and public sector organizations throughout the UK.

The Kingston Group includes Affiniti, the communications integrator created from the coming together of Kingston Communications' Business Services division, Omnetica and Technica in 2005. Affiniti provides secure voice, data, video, mobile, wireless and storage solutions that enable businesses to exploit the opportunities that come with converged communications.

Kingston's national capabilities have been built on its strong foundations within East Yorkshire, where the company has been providing leading edge services to residential and business customers for over 100 years and where it has been a pioneer in the use of ADSL technology.

The Kingston Group also includes Eclipse Internet, an established and growing broadband ISP that delivers internet connectivity and services to businesses and consumers throughout the UK.

About CopperEye
CopperEye is a provider of enterprise search software that allows companies to quickly retrieve exactly the records they need from months or years of history and billions of business transactions stored on low-cost file systems. Unlike other enterprise search solutions that focus on unstructured data such as web pages and word processing documents and return ambiguous results, CopperEye specifically addresses the needs of business transaction data that would otherwise require a costly and complex database solution to provide rapid retrieval of specific records.

Using CopperEye, companies are able to implement more powerful applications that deliver dramatically enhanced access to historical data, while simultaneously realizing an order-of-magnitude reduction in data management infrastructure costs. CopperEye is an enterprise-scale solution that can be running in a full production environment in a matter of weeks. CopperEye's underlying technology is a new, patented indexing approach that delivers a quantum leap in performance over traditional indexing alternatives.

CopperEye has offices in Bath, U.K.; Stamford, Conn. and San Mateo, Calif., U.S.A. For further information, please visit

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