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KCOM Group Meets European Union Data Retention Directive with CopperEye and the Sun Secure Data Retrieval Server

KCOM Group leads the way by achieving regulatory goals rapidly and economically with support for both telephony and ISP data.

London, UK (29 April, 2008) – CopperEye today announced that KCOM Group PLC, has successfully deployed CopperEye's innovative Greenwich technology through the Sun Secure Data Retrieval Server (SDRS) and has seen immediate success with the installation.

CopperEye collaborated with Sun to deliver SDRS as an affordable, quickly implemented and energy efficient appliance that satisfies the requirements of the European Union Data Retention Directive (EUDRD). This appliance brings together CopperEye’s innovative data retention and retrieval technology, an efficient Java-based request and disclosure system and the high performing, energy-efficient Sun Fire™ X4500 server running the Solaris™ Operating System (OS).

Since its initial implementation, KCOM has fully met its legal, regulatory and contractual compliance obligations, and the centralised solution has already proven to efficiently retain communications data and provide rapid retrieval within an integrated disclosure workflow - vastly reducing effort and response time to some types of disclosure requests from days to seconds.

Sun SDRS supports a broad range of diverse communications data types including PSTN, Mobile Telephony, SMS and ISP communications. By managing internet communications data well ahead of the timeframe required by the government, KCOM continues its tradition of leadership by helping to shape the debate surrounding new requirements for communications data retention.

“Due to its appliance approach, we have been able to implement a cost effective fully resilient and distributed solution,” said Gareth Niblett, Head of Information Security, KCOM Group, “Further, we were able to meet our data retention requirements with minimal risk and modification to our vital business systems and with minimum distraction from our core business objectives. This would not have been possible with alternative approaches.”

“With the Sun SDRS approach there is no need to compromise budgets or other business objectives in order to comply with directives such as the EUDRD,” said Duncan Pauly, Chief Technology Officer of CopperEye. “The very nature of a complex environment such as KCOM’s, with diverse data feeds across its group of companies, demonstrates that with Sun’s SDRS implementation any organisation, no matter what size, can afford the technology required to meet the ever growing demand for data capture, retention and disclosure.

KCOM is now able to satisfy their data retention and disclosure requirements in a fast and cost efficient manner; retrieving records within seconds from more than 110 million transactions per day (>40 billion transactions per year), currently totalling over 2.5 terabytes of compliance related data. As KCOM continues to grow, Sun SDRS will easily scale to handle all of their future requirements, including the addition of new communications data sources, subscriber data and mandated changes to retention periods.

About CopperEye

CopperEye is a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions that eliminate the economic, technical and operational barriers to storing and accessing massive volumes of data. CopperEye's patented technology enables rapid data acquisition and retrieval, simplifying the management of data intensive environments while providing organizations with the performance and long-term retention they require to meet their business and compliance objectives.

CopperEye has offices in Bath, UK and Boston MA, US.

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About KCOM Group

KCOM Group PLC provides a range of integrated IT and communications Information and Communications technology (ICT) and telecommunication services to businesses, and internet and telecommunications services to selected consumer markets, within the UK.

The Group’s portfolio of ICT businesses works with both leading private enterprise customers and public sector organisations. Through its Affiniti, Smart421 and JAM IP brands, the Group delivers solutions covering unified communications, contact centre solutions, data management, applications integration and managed services.

The KCOM Group also includes a regionally-focused business, Kingston Communications, which supports small to medium-sized businesses. Through its KC, Eclipse and Mistral brands, the business offers a wide range of internet-based and telecommunications services. The regional business also provides telephony and internet services to targeted consumers through its KC, Eclipse and Karoo brands.

The Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and employs over 2,700 people across the UK.


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