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Radon website provides all the answers -

A new website - - dedicated to alleviating concerns about radon gas wherever it occurs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has been launched by Airtech Environmental Systems.

Myths about radon are dispelled on the website that explains in detail what radon is, the health risks it poses, how to measure and eradicate it in homes, places of work, schools and other buildings. Maps showing the concentrations of radon gas throughout the British Isles can be viewed and methods of controlling gas to the action levels endorsed by the Government are described. Information and advice for homeowners, home sellers, tenants, local authorities, landlords, employees, employers and schools is posted and there is a separate section on radon and the Building Regulations.

The effectiveness of radon test kits and various mitigation solutions including sump pumps, positive pressure and ventilation systems are discussed and products can be ordered via an online shop.



James Whybrow, Sales & Marketing Director, Airtech Environmental Systems, Stathe Road, Burrowbridge, Somerset TA7 0RY. T: 01823 690292. F: 01823 690291

Press enquiries:

Ian McMath, Copylines. T: 01428 723211