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Energy drink Emerge has unveiled a brand new and out of this world opportunity for budding astronauts to enter the stratosphere with the launch of the Emerge Space Programme.

Space cadets, cowboys and generally anyone clueless about intergalactic travel can now stand a chance of getting their face in space thanks to the brand’s ambitious project to deliver a unique, gravity-defying experience for one lucky member of the public.

Don’t speak Russian? No problem, you won’t need any of NASA’s strict requirements of body and mind to stand a chance of being the chosen one on this occasion. The person selected for this important mission will be provided with the opportunity to enter the stratosphere attached to a high altitude weather balloon. Emerge’s innovative approach to hassle free space travel, however, will see the winner keep both feet firmly on the ground and a 3D model of their image sent instead.

Calli O’Brien, Brand Manager at...

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