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A staggering 86% of the public do not trust their estate agent, according to a survey of over 1600 people by online, the free internet property pricing database.

With house prices on the rise, buying, selling, and evaluating properties has never been so stressful and it would appear that one of the highest stresses involved is whether or not you can truly trust your estate agent to give you accurate figures, prices and advice.

With estate agent fees traditionally being 1% or 2% of the house price, it’s not surprising that we worry whether the service is worth the price. However, the internet is beginning to shake things up by putting more power into the hands of individuals, by-passing those costly fees.

There are many sites springing up which allow you to buy, sell, auction, rent and let your property online. For selling and buying a property, is a great place to start as it provides instant...

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