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Cradle unveils new health masks

New survey reveals Brits reluctant to wear protective masks as UK transport secretary makes them mandatory on all British transport from 15 June.

*** John Gordon, founder of Cradle Masks and inventor, an engineer and a product developer who has spent much of his career in China, manufacturing specialist survival clothing, is available for interview/broadcast media ***

New British brand, Cradle, aims to normalise and encourage use of masks in public with launch of anti-virus face masks that raise money for the NHS

New British brand Cradle has launched a range of protective anti-virus face masks, as Grant Shapps announces that face coverings will soon have to be worn by everyone on public transport.

The new government directive comes on the back of a worrying report that shows that, of six countries surveyed, Brits are the most reluctant to wear a face mask to protect themselves against the virus, are the least aware of...

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