Can you believe it! You can now print on inkjet wood veneer.

Inkjet wood decorated mirror frame
Inkjet wood decorated mirror frame is the first and only UK Company to supply these sensational wooden inkjet sheets. The sheets are made from a thin (0.18”inch thick) veneer wood and have a paper backing. Each sheet has a lovely grain and colour variation. The colour of the wood sheets is light but can be varnished afterwards to give a rich lustre.

Crafty Computer Paper quotes the most frequent remark they get from their customers is how accurate, sharp and clear the images are after printing them on the wood veneer.
The Veneer has been treated with a special patent product which makes it possible to inkjet print on this absorbent surface. The process and chemicals used are all non-toxic. They are so easy to print off, cut out and can be applied to most surfaces using any type of glue or double sided tape. After printing to protect the wood any type of varnish can be used.

The inkjet wood veneer sheets can be used for all kinds of crafting projects for example card-making and scrap-booking. Model makers/dollhouse enthusiasts love them because they can use them for creating miniature wooden items and customise them with lettering and logos. They are also useful if you want to create a marquetry effect, design your ideas on your computer and then print. Signage can also be made easily using this wood product. You don’t have to carve anything out just print your text and pictures. The wood sheets also make a great new medium for Artists, printing off photos and images. Patterns can be printed and then cut easily with a craft knife or scissors to create wooden 3D items. This material is easily cut using a die-cutting machine. Make original stationary or business cards, the possibilities are endless.

The wooden sheets can be used in almost any kind of inkjet printer from office to home. The printer to use is one which feeds from the top so the wood does not have to turn a corner while it is printing.
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