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Sustainable Sunglasses and Watch Brand Aims to Help Preserve Ancient Irish Forests

Summary: Crann is a highly innovative company creating stylish sunglasses and watches by utilising sustainable materials. The company is now taking part in an effort to preserve Irish woodlands.

(Dublin, Ireland 21/07/19) – Local entrepreneur Eoin McGuiness started in 2018 as a way to introduce eco-friendly products to a large demographic of Irish consumers. Taking great pride in his Irish heritage, Eoin wanted to set a precedent for sustainable business practices within his community. His company Crann offers a wide selection of sunglasses and watches that are made from sustainably sourced raw materials including recycled bamboo, oak and mixed woods.

100% Irish owned and operated, the headquarters for Crann are based in Clonalvy, Co. Meath. The entire product range offered by Crann is an ode to Irish culture and traditions. ‘Crann’ being the Irish word for ‘Tree’, each product carries a unique Irish name that holds a personal significance to Eoin and his family heritage.

Always proactive about helping the planet and maintaining a clear focus on sustainability throughout all of its business processes, Crann is donating a sum of money from every purchase to The Native Woodland Trust: an organization doing significant amount of work to preserve and renew Ireland’s precious natural woodlands that have been there for centuries. The organization also plants new native seeds in an endeavor to help rebuild damaged ecosystems.

A spokesperson for Crann made an official press statement to discuss the company’s work and their outlook on environmental awareness. “Here at Crann, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Not only that but we are also a highly customer oriented company. With what we are doing, we hope to set an example for big companies to adapt to sustainable raw materials and do their part in preserving our planet. We also want customers to know that it is their right to demand affordable yet sustainable and eco-friendly products.”

The spokesperson further added “We offer a wide range of sleek and minimalistic sunglasses and wrist watches. We want our clients to know that they can make a style statement without breaking the bank and without supporting products that harm our planet. We want to make sustainability and environmental responsibility the next big trend in the design and fashion world.”’s strong business vision and their poignant message have gotten them noticed. As clients rave about their products and vouch for the important message behind them, Irish magazine RSVP also named Crann Sunglasses the best of 2019. With more exciting products to be announced in the near future, Crann continues to stay true to its Irish heritage and strives to make an impact with its strong code of conduct.

More details about Crann and their product catalog can be seen on their official business website at