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Jacky Rom has revitalized the Sandra Bernstein Chronicles and, alongside a documentary about her writing process filmed with Ghost Pictures titled Method of Murder, she is re-releasing the popular series with Cranthorpe Millner Publishers on 28th May 2019.

London, UK, 30th April 2019. Sandra Bernstein (Sandy) is a UK makeup artist, but her hobby is murder! In ‘From Vegas to Villainy’, the second instalment in the Sandra Bernstein Chronicles, Sandy learns that no one can be trusted. From murder, intrigue, shrunken heads, Botox and drag queens, Sandy does what she does best – takes us on an adventure of discovery and suspense! This classic murder mystery is the second story in the Sandra Bernstein Chronicles.

Jacky Rom grew up in Romford, Essex where she trained as a Hairdresser and Makeup Artist and tried to fulfill one of her very first dreams of becoming a Director. When she was sixteen, she was told by her Careers Advisor at school that she would...

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