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Two students from London are looking to take advantage of the current selfie obsession by creating a website which aims to achieve 1,000,000 selfie uploads onto a single web page. The launched on the 1st of August 2014 and hopes to become the world’s first website to amass this many selfies all on one page.

As well as creating internet history, the site’s owners are looking to use the selfies as part of a unique art project celebrating the latest craze to grip the 21st century. Not much has been given away in regards to this mysterious art venture but we are told it involves both digital and physical forms of art.

A counter at the top of the screen lets us all know how close the site is to reaching its main target. Every time the site reaches one of its milestones for the number of selfies uploaded, prizes are given away to lucky users who post the craziest and most unique selfies. The first of these targets is 1,000 uploads,...

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